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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

Southampton Driveways And Patios

Southampton driveways and patios

If you’re looking to refurbish your property’s outside space, or want a safer and more secure place for your children to play outdoors, resin surfacing is one of the prime choices for creating a driveway or patio around your house. It is hard-wearing, diverse in colours and textures, pleasing to the eye and it offers something a little more than most paving solutions available in UK.

In coastal towns like Southampton, driveways and patios must be that extra bit more resistant against the harsh and corrosive coastal air which so easily affects concrete and tarmac.

To protect your investment and maintain the beautiful look of your home, resin bound surfacing is ideal. Designed to be long-lasting and resilient against even the harshest weather conditions, you can rest assured that a resin driveway or patio will outperform any other surface in terms of longevity, finished look and performance.

Read on to learn how Southampton driveways and patios – resin bound driveways to be exact – stand out, in the very best of ways...

Resin Bound Surfacing: How It Works

Specific design of resin bound paving makes it very unique when compared to other paving options. The selected stones are mixed with resin before being applied on to the pre-prepared and stable sub base.

Resin is a sticky substance that bonds a certain amount of aggregate together. Resin itself can vary in formulation depending on the desired finished product.

Almost invisible voids that run through the stones allow for water to drain through it, and unlike other paving methods this avoids the pitfall of surface water collection issues.

The robust nature of resin surfacing ensures that it can then withstand harsher conditions that would otherwise lead to cracking and quick damage in other types of driveways that will not last long enough.

Resin driveways and patios Southampton

Resin has been proven to be a worthwhile and effective choice for all varieties of patio and driveway projects in Southampton’s coastal climate

Other Paving Solutions

When looking for the perfect driveway or patio, it is wise to research other options in order to make an informed decision and one that is suitable to your current circumstances. Here’s the break down of your paving material types and estimated cost:

  • Concrete – one of the most frequent choices, concrete driveways are easy to clean but will get mucky quite quickly too; prone to cracking, averaging around £6.52 per square foot.
  • Gravel – reasonably priced option at £5.20 per square foot, creates very uneven surface and can be hard to maintain over time.
  • Asphalt – At £3.26 per square foot it is easier to maintain than gravel; it is extremely prone to shape changes in hot conditions and easily penetrated by weeds.
  • Brick – Often the most expensive choice, generally coming in at £19.56 per square foot; prone to mechanical damage and unsafe movement of the single elements.

Why Choose Resin Bound Driveway or Patio?

Resin has been proven to be a worthwhile and effective choice for all varieties of patio and driveway projects in Southampton’s coastal climate.

  1. Low maintenance – Due to the design of resin driveways and patios they are extremely easy to maintain and a breeze to clean. Getting rid of the need to weed and providing its own water drainage, there is very little you need to do to keep a resin bound driveway in top condition.
  2. Extensive choices – There are countless finishes available for resin bound driveways, from the selection of your own stone variety to how you want the resin design to fit in around your current home decoration.
  3. Friendly to the environment – Thanks to the porous material, the natural filter allows water to drain straight through the resin with no surface water build up problems.
  4. Highly resistant – There is very little that will damage a resin driveway or patio in the long run. Damage to the resin is unlikely to occur in normal day to day activities and compared to other materials it has a ten times longer life span compare to block paving.
  5. Long Lasting – Hard wearing and very strong, resin can stand up to all weather conditions. It is a worry-free choice for any patio or driveway project.

Is Resin Surface The Right Choice for You?

A resin driveway can be a fantastic investment to make, installed correctly it has a life span to rival any other variety of driveway as well as offering the flexibility to make your house stand out uniquely on the street.

Tailored to your individual requirements, resin surfaces make a durable option and one that you won’t find yourself replacing after a just year of use.

For a great spot for your children to play or a safe place to park your car at night, you can rest assured that resin bound surfacing will deliver just that plus it will save you money by not worrying about constant and pricey replacements.

If you think your home could benefit from an exterior makeover, then it’s worthwhile enquiring in further detail how a resin bound surface upgrade could be the right solution for you. Request a free survey by following the button below, or by calling 0800 1700 636 today!