Do you own a commercial property? Are you finding that your property needs more heating to keep it warm?

Home Logic can install the diverse and wonderful spray foam into your commercial property that will provide your property an unbeatable level of insulation.

The spray foam after solidifying will provide a high level of protection for your property from the weather, pests and many more.

What is spray foam and how can it be used?

Many buildings in the UK are not properly insulated. As a result, these properties pay more in utility bills to keep their commercial property insulated throughout the year but lose valuable heat through lack of insulation. At Home Logic, we provide spray foam as a service for commercial properties, and it is one of the best insulation methods on the market.

Our spray foam service can be sprayed on a wide range of surfaces like crawlspaces, walls, floors, ceilings and more areas. If an area you require to be covered in Icynene foam has not been listed, do not hesitate to get in touch today. We use experienced technicians who will apply the spray foam and will ensure that every area is covered.

After spraying, the foam will expand rapidly and then eventually solidify creating a tough insulation barrier. The solidified state of the spray foam (we use Icynene) will block cold air, draughts and cold air infiltration into the home.

What benefits will spray foam have for your commercial property?

Spray foam is a diverse product that is suitable for application in a range of commercial properties.

Economical Investment

For businesses, expensive utility bills can be a significant drain on your resources and with the rising costs every year; it can make it harder to operate a profitable business. By choosing spray foam to create an insulation barrier will contribute to an even and constant temperature in your building; it will also stop heat from escaping the building. After insulation, you will notice your building is warmer and that it costs less to heat up the building.

Healthier Staff

Spray foam has health benefits which will enable your business to provide a safer working environment for employees. In addition to creating a seal on your property, spray foam will help to block out harmful factors like pollutants, dirt and dust. The solidified state of spray foam will also prevent the growth and development of mould within your commercial building.

Better Working Environment

Nobody enjoys working in a cold building with cold spells, and it can be frustrating if the heating is on but the building is still cold. By choosing our spray foam service, the inhabitants of your commercial property will find your property a far more enjoyable place to work.

Our highly trained staff will cover all specified areas liberally in Icynene spray foam and will work to ensure that gaps/cold spots in your building are sealed with the spray foam. Once solidified, over time your employees will notice that your building retains heat better and there is a constant even temperature not interrupted by cold spells or draughts.


In addition to the many benefits of our spray foam service, the product also offers building structural support. This is ideal for older properties with weakened structures and it will also new properties as well. The solid product of spray will keep the structure in check.

Protects your Building

Spray foam offers commercial buildings a great form of protection from a wide range of elements. Spray foam is also great for protecting buildings against the infliction of pests, and it solid state will prevent burrowing into your property and pests setting up a nest. So if your business has been affected by pests like rats, mice, cockroaches or more, spray foam will offer a protective barrier.

25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

All spray foam installations are carried out by Icynene licensed installers