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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Around Windows: Is It Worth It?

spray foam insulation around windows

When thinking of spray foam insulation, the first thing that will come to many people’s minds is the large foam barriers plastered to the roof in an attic. But spray foam can be very different; it can be flexible, and in some spaces, very subtle.

Spray foam insulation around windows may seem a little unusual, but surprisingly, it is incredibly worthwhile, and very practical. The windows in your home are a beautiful asset to your property. They allow the light in on a gorgeous Summer day, and act as a portrait of the outside world as the seasons go by.

There are many amazing ways that you can turn your windows into a focal-point for your rooms, but few more beneficial than properly insulating them.

Poorly insulated windows are responsible for around 10% of the heat loss in your home. This is partly down to outdated windows, and can be solved in many ways, with new double or triple glazed windows offering the fastest fix.

However, no matter how brilliant your new windows are, if there was no insulation installed, there will be gaps where cold air can still enter your rooms.

This is where spray foam insulation around windows is essential to maximising the potential of your windows, and minimising the heat loss. Here’s how it works its magic…

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

As a premier type of home insulation, spray foam insulation offers homeowners the chance to increase the comfort in their homes, by sealing gaps with a product designed to minimise heat loss.

The chemical formula is able to expand considerably, and at a surprisingly rapid rate. This allows it to be injected into walls, and sprayed onto surfaces, to create a superior seal which virtually eliminates all leaks.

The extensive expansion may seem to be a slight problem for the small and delicate spacing around windows, but spray foam is an incredibly flexible product.

Spray Foam Window Insulation: What Does It Offer?

Spray foam insulation around windows is very different to the large cloud-like plumes that are used in spaces like the attic. The smaller and more precise spray foam used in the space around windows is low-pressure, and has a slower rate of expansion as well.

With the same basic principles of other spray insulation, spray foam insulation around windows will offer all the heat retention benefits, but still ensure that your windows look amazing.

The specialised formula of the window spray foam is designed to fit perfectly into the space, without worry of distorted windows, or a poor final appearance. Once it has been applied, and had chance to cure, it can be safely covered to ensure the perfect finish.

Not only will the room feel warmer, but there will be less draughts caused by the gaps around your windows.

spray foam insulation around windows

Our team at Home Logic, are always on hand to help you save money through the correct insulation of your home, and ensure that the application procedure is carried out correctly, and without problems!

Spray Foam Insulation Around Windows: Make Professionalism Your Prerogative

While installing spray foam around windows may seem like a very small home improvement, it is one of the best projects to help you save energy in your day to day life, and subsequently save money.

Every gap in the protection of your home, is a gap that money is escaping through. In the face of rising energy bills, every penny saved is essential.

The very nature of spray foam insulation, and especially spray foam insulation around windows, means that a professional service is required for the perfect finish.

As the spray foam expands, it can cause a lot of issues if it’s not properly handled by an expert that knows how to control the product, and predict the amount of expansion. Too little and the gap won’t be sealed, too much and the window will warp, and become damaged.

Our team at Home Logic, are always on hand to help you save money through the correct insulation of your home, and ensure that the application procedure is carried out correctly, and without problems.

Just like many of our previous customers, a warmer, more affordable home, can easily be achieved by adding just a little extra insulation.

A recent testament to this comes from a review by Michael Earnest Fish, published on our Trust Pilot page, who said:

“I have since lowered the boiler temperature and shortened the length of time on each heating period as the temperature in the rooms stays comfortable for longer. It is too soon to compare bills to give definitive saving values but I am sure there will be a considerable saving in my heating costs.”, after receiving Home Logic insulation.

For any questions about window insulation, and the extensive benefits, don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!