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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits


Spray foam insulation is most commonly found within loft spaces, but can also be used to insulate all areas of the home – from the floor, through the walls right up to the ceiling!  

Not only does this type of insulation help to reduce heat loss, it also provides a protective barrier against moisture and noise pollution. Spray foam insulation benefits thousands of home owners all across the UK, and indeed the world as a whole.

During a spray foam insulation process, all cracks, joints and crevices are covered, creating an all-encompassing blanket of protection.

This means you can dramatically reduce draughts, as well as resolve moisture related problems, such as condensation and mould.

3 Main Categories of Spray Foam

There are three main categories of spray foam used for insulation purposes:

  • Low-density foam is used for interior cavity walls and within unvented attic spaces
  • Medium-density foam is suitable for continuous insulation
  • High-density foam is used for exterior and loft space applications


How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Spray foam insulation is made up of a number of different chemicals that react when combined together. The material starts off as a semi-wet cellulose material that is sprayed onto the area of application, using a series of high-spec hosing equipment.

When the material hits the area of application, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the material to expand rapidly on impact. In fact, this sophisticated, foam insulation can reach up to 100 times its original size!

Once enlarged, the foam beings to harden almost immediately, creating a solid blanket layer of insulation that covers all holes, cracks and crevices.

This material is completely safe to use around plumbing equipment and electrical appliances, so there is no need to have these removed beforehand. Just simply spray into place, and let the material work its magic!

Home Logic Spray Foam Insulation

Here at Home Logic, our professional team of insulation specialists use Home Logic Spray Foam. This incredibly versatile product is extremely easy to install, and will provide long-lasting results, for years to come.

The material is totally safe, and can be used to combat moisture as well as helping to reduce heat loss from the home.

As certified spray foam installers, we are committed to delivering superb customer service, and a money-saving spray foam insulation solution for every property in the UK.

We will ensure that every gap, nook and cranny is adequately covered within your home – leaving you with cosy and comfortable conditions, and a refreshing reduction in your bills.

List of Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Fits in Constricted Spaces Without Compromising on Performance

One of the most gratifying spray foam insulation benefits is its ability to accommodate constricted spaces. As the material is sprayed into place, you do not need to get up close and personal with the area of application.

We will simply point our hoses in the direction of the area of application, and spray away! Constricted spaces are never an issue, because the foam expands on impact, therefore all areas are covered without compromising on performance.

Extraordinary Thermal Qualities

As mentioned already, spray foam insulation has unbelievable thermal qualities, and can significantly reduce the amount of heat loss from your home.

Do you feel you are using too much energy? This is a great place to start! All spray foam insulation benefits begin with thermal quality, as this is the main purpose of the material itself.

Very few insulation products offer the same level of thermal quality as Home Logic Spray Foam. This product dominates the insulation market at the moment purely because of its unbeatable thermal performance.

The product does not settle or degrade over time either, nor is it affected by humidity. So when it comes to thermal efficiency, there really is no better product around!

Significantly Reduces Energy Costs

This revolutionary insulation method guarantees savings of up to an estimated 35% on all heating costs for property owners across the UK. As energy prices continue to rise year on year, this is one of the best spray foam insulation benefits achievable.

A property that is more thermally efficient will rely less on its manual heating appliances to keep warm. It also means you do not have to rely on air conditioning units or any other appliance to keep cool during the hot summer months.

As spray foam insulation is relatively cost-effective to install, you can receive a positive return on investment in next to no time at all!

Air-Tight Seal That Still Allows a Property to Breathe

One of the main issues when it comes to insulation, is ensuring your property can still breathe. Adequate ventilation is incredibly important if you wish to combat problems caused by condensation.

This is because your property must be able to breathe in order to properly regulate moisture in the air.

An effective insulation product will protect your home from heat loss and moisture, whilst still allowing water vapour to escape from the home. Home Logic Spray Foam insulation does just this!

The material used effectively traps heat inside your home, and prevents moisture from entering your building from the outside.

However, the foam is still permeable to water vapour, so the humidity of your property is kept to an acceptable level all year round. This will prevent any structural damage caused by the effects of condensation and excessive moisture in the air.


And There’s More!…

Cancels Out Noise from Outside

Home Logic Spray Foam also creates an effective barrier against external noise, whilst helping to improve the internal acoustics of your home.

This is particularly useful if you live in a property by a busy street or industrial estate. Do you often have to put up with the noise of articulate lorries and heavy traffic outside? Then this could be the perfect solution for you.

An effective layer of spray foam insulation can protect your home from the cold, and from any annoying noises outside. This creates a more relaxing and comfortable environment within your home, transforming it into a relaxing place to retreat to.

Environmentally Friendly Material

None of the materials used to create spray foam insulation are toxic, or harmful to human health. The substance is completely environmentally friendly, and will cause no harm to your property or the surrounding area.

Not only does this product pose no risk to the environment, it also helps to decrease your personal imprint on the planet as well!

By significantly reducing your energy bills, you can drastically lower your own personal carbon footprint. This is quickly becoming a necessity in the modern world, as we all try to use as little energy as possible in order to preserve our planet (and drive down our bills and expenditure.)

If we all use less energy, then we all consume less fossil-fuel-powered energy – which can only be a good thing for future generations to come!

Poses No Health Risks and Contains No Harmful Chemicals

As mentioned briefly above, Home Logic Spray Foam poses no health risks and contains no harmful chemicals whatsoever.

It is completely safe to install, safe to breathe and completely safe to be around. Unlike fibreglass insulation, there are no airborne particles that can cause harm to your lungs or respiratory system.

So you can rest assured that your new insulation product poses no risk to you or your family – providing complete peace of mind at all times.

Flame Retardant Material

Being flame retardant is perhaps one of the most important spray foam insulation benefits we can think of. If used in your loft, this product will cover the top of your house completely, creating an all-encompassing blanket of insulation.

It’s almost as if someone has placed a foamy hat on top of your home. This can be extremely dangerous if the materials used are not fire proof.

Home Logic Spray Foam contains flame retardant materials so that the product does not cause any further risk if your property experiences a fire.

This is extremely important for the safety of your home, and all those that live inside it. At the end of the day your family’s safety is paramount and we are here to ensure that is protected at all times.

Would you like some more information on spray foam insulation benefits? We would be more than happy to help, provide expert advice, or suggest a solution for your insulation requirements.