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Spray Foam Insulation Burntwood

spray foam insulation burntwood

Rats have the potential to spread nasty diseases, so you really don’t want them setting up home in your house. However, as rodents have the ability to squeeze through a 15mm gap, they often manage to find a way in. 

Rats are a problem in Burntwood, especially in autumn and winter when the unwanted pests seek shelter inside from the harsh weather outdoors.

If you don’t want your home to become overrun with rats and other pests, then one of the best precautionary measures to take is sealing up entry points. 

Icynene spray foam in Burntwood is a flexible and effective choice of product for this task, not only because a spray foam install will deter pests from entering your home, but because it’s an insulation material, which means greater comfort as well as greater protection!

Burntwood spray foam insulation will act as a first line of defence against pest entry and make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, so it’s an investment that’ll provide plenty of return!

Keep Pests Out with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Burntwood

With so many ways for pests to get inside – like gaps in garages, lofts, walls, and floors – keeping them out of your home can feel like an impossible task.

To make sealing all the holes and cracks that pests use to get into your home easy, it really pays to look at a flexible product like spray foam insulation in Burntwood. 

You can use spray foam insulation to seal off pretty much anywhere around your home, from cavity walls to inaccessible lofts. You can even use spray foam around detailing and wall openings, like the entry points for cables and light fixtures. 

Upon application, Burntwood Icynene spray foam insulation expands to around 100 times its original size, seeking out all the small cracks, crevices, and gaps in an area and filling them completely. 

After curing, spray foam will instantly reduce the chances of pest entry. Lack of easy entry will deter rats and other pests who otherwise would have been able to saunter straight into your home. 

Rats will still be able to gnaw their way through the insulation material, but it’ll do nothing to satisfy their hunger, as spray foam doesn’t act as a food source for rodents or insects.

Filling your walls, floors, and parts of your loft with spray foam will also reduce the amount of space that rodents have to move around, making your house less appealing to pests. 

All this insulation installed in prime spots will also make your home more comfortable. Burntwood Icynene spray foam will improve temperature control and regulation, increase energy efficiency, and reduce the infiltration of outdoor sounds and pollutants. 

Here are the Best Places to Visit Near Burntwood

Installing spray foam in Burntwood will improve your home for many years and the whole installation process is actually pretty straightforward.

The professionals will apply the foam, and while it cures, you can enjoy a great day out!

Visit Chasewater Country Park

The magnificent Chasewater Country Park in Burntwood is the ideal destination to visit for an exciting and adventurous day out.

With 90 acres to explore, some amazing water sport activities to take part in, and plenty of nature trails and spots for a picnic, you’ll easily be able to pass the day at Chasewater Country Park while your insulation cures.

Check Out Walsall Leather Museum

Located a short drive away from Burntwood, Walsall Leather Museum is a fun, interactive attraction that every member of the family will enjoy. The museum has interesting displays, demonstrations and crafts, regular events, and beautiful gardens and picnic spots.

If you’ve already been to Chasewater Country Park and Walsall Leather Museum, then there are plenty more great attractions in Burntwood and the nearby areas to make your insulation cure day an exciting and memorable occasion. 

Burntwood Spray Foam Insulation from Home Logic: Effective Property Protection

Intrigued by the prospect of an insulation material that keeps your home comfortable and deters pests at the same time? Wait until you discover more of spray foam’s incredible capabilities!

To learn more about Icynene spray foam in Burntwood, just give the friendly team at Home Logic a call on 0800 1700 636, or visit our website. Our family-run service is ready and waiting to help you transform your home with Burntwood spray foam.