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Spray Foam Insulation Cambridge

spray foam insulation cambridge

Cambridge is closely associated with a lot of things; including excellent education, competitive boat racing and the English dictionary!

But did you know that large parts of the city are also associated with bad loft insulation?

We’ve spent a fair few hours in the city of Cambridge, and we’ve seen inside a lot of properties. The problem is, many houses in the area were built way before the turn of the millennium.

These properties, if they have not been recently renovated, may contain levels of insulation that fail to meet the requirements and regulations of the modern day.

Hence, why you need a team of spray foam insulation Cambridge based specialists!

You will be surprised at the amount of heat you could potentially be losing through your roof. We’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous people in the local area, and we’ve helped them to prevent heat loss in their homes effectively.

No matter how big or tough your particular project is, our spray foam insulation Cambridge located experts will have the right tools and approach for the job!

What Exactly is Spray Foam Insulation?

The foamy material is produced by combining specific chemicals together, using specialist equipment, and an expert installation team.

This mixture causes a reaction, and the resulting material begins to expand rapidly. When blown into place using a high-spec hose system, this expansion occurs immediately on impact.

Not only this, the foam can reach up to 100 times its original size and will solidify within minutes.

So you go from having a soft and sloppy material to an enlarged, hardened and all-encompassing material in less than an hour.

This creates an air-tight blanket of insulation that provides an unbeatable level of protection for the foundations of your home.

Here at Home Logic, for our spray foam insulation Cambridge based service, we use nothing but the best choice of spray foam material. That is why we use Home Logic Spray Foam Insulation – an extremely innovative and cost-effective option within the market today.

This product is completely safe, incredibly efficient and easy for us to install. It provides unrivalled levels of protection against moisture, heat loss and noise pollution, resulting in a more homely feel to your household!


spray foam insulation cambridge

The Benefits – Spray Foam Insulation Cambridge

From the value for money to overall longevity, spray foam definitely ticks the boxes. Here’s a selection of spray foam’s brilliant benefits:

  • Creates ambient internal temperatures
  • Reduces the amount of heat lost through the roof
  • Provides a very cost-effective insulation solution
  • Lowers your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint
  • Adds value and warmth to your property
  • Provides an effective moisture barrier, thus preventing mould

spray foam insulation cambridge

Home Logic – A Wise Investment

So… you understand how the material works, and you’ve read about the benefits it can provide. But who should you choose as your installation specialists?

Here at Home Logic, we pride ourselves in providing only the very highest levels of professionalism.

This is one of the reasons why we are one of the most trusted and reliable providers of insulation management services in the Cambridge area. We’ve been up and down the region helping people just like you save money and lower their energy usage.

By using this spray foam insulation, we guarantee an air-tight finish that will reduce heat loss, and provide a more comfortable home environment for good.

Spray Foam Insulation Cambridge Centred Service

Do you live in the Cambridge area or a nearby market town? Have you ever wondered whether your loft meets the very latest insulation standards?

If you have a simple enquiry or wish to book a free property survey, just let the team know and we’ll be more than happy to help.

We can supply a free no-obligation quote for you to ponder over or provide some simple advice – whatever is required.

Give us a call on 0800 1700 636 today find out more, or drop us a message on survey@homelogic.co.uk if you’re contacting us outside of our normal operating hours. We’ll be in touch in no time at all!