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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Corbridge

spray foam inslation corbridge

You know that the risk of flooding in an area is pretty severe when the place name is preceded by the words ‘flood-prone’.

In a report in 2017, that covered new flood prevention measures in Corbridge, the BBC described the village as ‘flood-prone Corbridge’. 

Corbridge has repeatedly been devastated by flooding, including in 2005, when a month’s worth of rain fell in a day; and in 2015, when heavy rain and 80mph winds hit the village, causing mass evacuation. 

Flood protection in the village is greater now than it was in the past, but flood defences can’t completely eliminate the potential of water damage.

Heavy rain, leaks, and high humidity can still cause serious moisture problems inside and outside your home. 

Putting in place extra protection against excess water can help you to reduce the potential of water-related damage. One source of extra protection, that may come as a surprise, is spray foam insulation in Corbridge.

Protect Your Home from Bad Weather with Spray Foam Insulation in Corbridge

You may be shocked by the fact that insulation can help with flooding and heavy rain, but spray foam is not your everyday insulation material!

When you install spray foam in Corbridge, you’re putting in place quite a remarkable level of protection against flooding, heavy rain, water leaks, humidity, and wind.

Here’s an insight into how the different types of spray foam insulation can enhance water protection in your home:

  • Spray foam has a high resistance to water absorption, especially closed-cell spray foam.
  • Closed-cell spray foam increases wall racking strength to improve wind protection.
  • Spray foam expands to form a continuous insulation layer, eliminating cold spots.
  • Open-cell spray foam makes identifying leaks easy, as water will pass through the insulation.
  • Spray foam doesn’t offer any food value to mould or bacteria.
  • Spray foam lowers the risk of mould, damp, and rot in cavities.
  • Closed-cell spray foam blocks water transfer and deflects bulk water.
  • Spray foam insulation can recover from water absorption without losing its insulating ability.
  • Open-cell spray foam is vapour permeable, which allows it to dry out quickly. 
  • Spray foam provides protection against wind-driven rain.
  • Closed-cell spray foam improves hold-down resistance in the roof.
  • Spray foam restricts humid air movement and reduces the risk of moisture entrapment. 
  • Open-cell spray foam allows water molecules from concrete and lumber to escape.

Installing either closed-cell spray foam or open-cell spray foam will help to protect your home from moisture problems.

However, closed-cell foam is often better suited to areas where moisture is a serious problem, as it also acts as a vapour barrier. 

Both types of spray foam insulation can function as an air barrier when installed to the correct thickness, bringing incredible benefits such as better temperature control and reduced exposure to airborne pollutants.

spray foam insulation corbridge

You really do have some great benefits to look forward to when you install spray foam in Corbridge!

The Best Places to Visit in Corbridge

Installing spray foam in Corbridge means greater moisture protection, as well as an excuse to plan a fun day out.

As spray foam takes a day to cure, you’ll have the opportunity to check out some of Corbridge’s best attractions, like:

Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle is a spectacular manor house with a beautiful walled orchard.

The house is also surrounded by glorious woodland, so you’ll find plenty of places to explore to pass the time during your visit.

Corbridge Roman Town – Hadrian’s Wall

Reacquaint yourself with Corbridge’s incredible history by paying a visit to the Corbridge Roman Town – Hadrian’s Wall.

The ruins of the ancient Roman garrison are quite the sight, and during your visit you’ll also have chance to check out the museum and the large number of ancient artefacts inside!

Protecting your home from water leaks, heavy rain, flooding, and high humidity is easy when you choose spray foam insulation in Corbridge!

Contact Home Logic to Learn More About Corbridge Spray Foam Insulation 

Spray foam insulation can greatly reduce the risk of water damage during adverse weather and make your home a lot more comfortable during every season – and it really doesn’t take long to install!

The professional team at Home Logic can take care of the entire spray foam installation process, delivering a greater level of moisture protection in just over a day!

You can call our family-run service at any time on 0800 1700 636 to discuss Corbridge spray foam installation and the many benefits of this modern insulation material.