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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Crawley

spray foam insulation crawley

In 2017, some parts of the country experienced significant falls in property value, like Perth, where house prices fell by 5.4%. Other parts of the country experienced enormous growth, like Crawley, where house prices rose by 10.4%. 

For homeowners in Crawley, a great way to capitalise on the surge in house prices would be to consider a loft conversion or extension – both can add up to 22% to your property value!

When properly insulated with Crawley spray foam insulation, the extra floor area will be a real asset.

Icynene spray foam in Crawley makes insulating any part of your home easy, whether it’s a brand-new loft conversion, a basement conversion, or an extension. For a nice boost in property value, Crawley spray foam insulation is the ultimate investment.

Create More Usable Space with Spray Foam Insulation in Crawley

If you could do with an extra bedroom or home office, your loft is the ideal space for it.

For homes that don’t have adequate loft space, there are great alternative options, like making use of basement space, digging down and creating a basement, or building an extension.

Of course, the new room doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘needed’; you could convert or extend simply to create a space that your family will enjoy.

You could build a games room, a media room, a playroom, a music room, or a library – there’s no reason to limit yourself to ‘essential’ rooms.

No matter what space you hope to create, spray foam insulation is going to be an important inclusion!

Failing to insulate a new space or not redesigning insulation for a change in room purpose, are disasters waiting to happen. An uninsulated space has the potential to be cold in winter, hot in summer, and loud all-year-round.

Installing insulation is essential, but not just any insulation will do…

Choosing to insulate an extension or conversion with spray foam will not only be a lot easier than choosing most traditional materials, it’ll also be more rewarding. 

You can install spray foam virtually anywhere – awkward and inaccessible spaces included! You won’t need fasteners to attach the insulation either, it’ll bond with the surface it’s applied to and fill in every gap. 

Spray foam insulation will make sure that it’s easy and affordable to heat or cool the space, it’ll reduce outdoor noise infiltration, and even improve air quality and moisture protection.

The new room will be energy efficient, quiet, comfortable, and protected against the elements.

As spray foam insulation is a very strong insulator, you won’t need a very thick layer to keep the new space warm! With spray foam you can maximise every centimetre of space to add the most value to your home. 

The Best Places to Visit in and Around Crawley

Did you know that you can insulate your home with Crawley Icynene spray foam in just over a day?

It won’t take long for the installers to apply the foam, and then you’ll just need to wait out the 24-hour cure time!

Here are a couple of ideas for how to spend the day while spray foam cures:

Visit Go Ape Crawley

Insulating your home with spray foam is a stress-free experience… unless of course you don’t want it to be!

Go Ape Crawley is the ultimate activity day for thrill-seekers in Crawley – young and old. The treetop challenge is over 11 metres high with challenging tunnels, high ropes, and tightropes. 

Explore Nymans

Keep your feet firmly on the ground by spending the installation day at Nymans. The beautiful gardens are the perfect place for a picnic with incredible views of the ruins.

You could visit the house at Nymans or explore the woodland and enjoy the utter tranquillity of this popular yet peaceful attraction. 

Spray foam in Crawley will continue protecting your conversion, extension, or entire property for decades after installation.

Crawley Icynene Spray Foam Insulation from Home Logic

Want to know more about Icynene spray foam insulation in Crawley? Just give Home Logic a call on 0800 1700 636, and our friendly insulation experts will be more than happy to help you!

Home Logic is a family-run service with many years of experience providing UK residents with solutions for better homes.

For advice, a free home survey, or to book an Icynene spray foam install in Crawley, just get in touch with us.