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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Felixstowe

spray foam insulation felixstowe

Felixstowe is a beautiful seaside town that attracts a large number of tourists every summer.

Holidaymakers come for the stunning views, great beaches, family attractions, and fantastic events, but what they don’t come for is the rats…

The summer of 2018 saw many tourists in Felixstowe having to deal with quite a large infestation of rodents, a problem partly caused by litter.

Of course, rodent problems don’t just affect tourists, but the year-round residents of Felixstowe as well. 

Steps have been taken since the troublesome summer of 2018 to reduce rat problems in the area, but as anyone who’s dealt with rat problems first-hand will know, it’s not always easy to deter the critters!

Thankfully, investments like spray foam in Felixstowe can help you to prevent rodent problems at home. 

Felixstowe Icynene spray foam acts as a first line of defence against rat problems by making your home a lot less appealing to them.

If you’ve noticed rats or other pests around your home, then take a look at how spray foam insulation in Felixstowe can help…

The Pest-Deterrent Benefits of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Felixstowe

You can’t solve a rat problem with insulation alone, but Felixstowe spray foam can be part of the solution.

Unlike some of the traditional types of insulation on the market, spray foam is not a food source for rodents, which is definitely a quality you want in an insulation material!

Spray foam provides absolutely no food value to hungry rodents or other pests, it doesn’t even support fungus or bacteria.

The insulation isn’t considered to be a suitable nesting material for rats or mice either, which is quite a contrast to some insulation materials available.

Making your walls, floors, loft, and other parts of your home unsuitable for nesting and food gathering are not the only benefits of spray foam though…

Spray foam insulation doesn’t provide a barrier to entry, but it does make it more troublesome for pests to get in. When spray foam expands after application, it seals all the gaps and cracks in an area.

This instantly makes it more difficult for rodents to get in, leaving them with no choice but to move on and find a different house or gnaw through the foam. 

In places like Felixstowe where pests have been a very big problem in the past, spray foam is a great choice of insulation material that also happens to reduce other tourist-related problems as well!

Tourism season can bring an increase in air and noise pollution, both of which spray foam can reduce.

Felixstowe Icynene spray foam reduces flanking and airborne sounds and lowers pollutant and allergen entry to create a home that’s healthier, quieter, and less prone to pest problems.

Check Out These Popular Attractions in Felixstowe

When you book a professional service for Felixstowe Icynene spray foam installation, you’ll be able to say goodbye to many common tourist problems and get an opportunity to play tourist for the day.

Spray foam takes 24 hours to cure, giving you a whole day to rediscover Felixstowe’s best attractions, like:

Landguard Fort

Landguard Fort is an impressive sight with an equally as impressive history.

On a trip to the fort you can check out the many rooms and explore the passageways, learn about the history of the fort, and take in the incredible views from the Harwich Bastion. 

Felixstowe Museum

Felixstowe Museum is very close Landguard Fort, so you could easily fit both of the attractions into a single history-packed day out in Felixstowe.

At the museum you’ll be able to discover more about Felixstowe and the local area in Roman, Medieval, Victorian, and Edwardian times.

Spray foam solves multiple problems at once without taking an age to install, so you can look forward to experiencing the insulation’s incredible benefits very quickly after the installation begins!

How to Book a Spray Foam Install in Felixstowe with Home Logic

Whether you’re considering Icynene spray foam installation in Felixstowe to tackle pest problems, or you’re more interested in the remarkable thermal resistance that spray foam can bring to your home, Home Logic are the family-run service to call. 

You can call us directly on 0800 1700 636, or use our online call back form to get more information about Felixstowe spray foam, book a free Home Logic survey, or speak to an expert about Felixstowe spray foam installation.