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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Kidlington

spray foam insulation kidlington

After experiencing flooded roads three times between January and August 2016, the residents of Kidlington will be all too aware of the kinds of problems that too much water can cause.

However, flooding is just the tip of the iceberg. Heavy rain, water leaks, and humidity can all cause problems inside your home, the extent of which you may not even notice before it’s too late and serious damage has occurred.

Is there a solution to preventing water damage? Of course there is! Icynene spray foam is one of many great home improvements you can install to increase your property’s protection against water and reduce the risk of damage.

It may come as a surprise to learn just how extensively spray foam installation can protect your home and how many ways it can prevent water damage.

For enhanced water protection, installing spray foam insulation in Kidlington is a really great place to start. 

How Spray Foam Insulation in Kidlington Protects Your Home from Water Damage

Spray foam insulation is the answer to reducing the risk of damage in the event of a vast majority of water-related problems.

Here’s a little insight into the properties of spray foam that’ll help to keep your home dry:

Continuous Layer

Spray foam forms a continuous, leak-free barrier that eliminates cold spots and reduces the potential of condensation and mould in cavities. 

Structural Support

Closed-cell spray foam will improve wind uplift resistance and wall racking strength to enhance the structural integrity of your home and reduce damage caused by storms.

Low Water Absorption

Spray foam, and closed-cell spray foam in particular, has a very low rate of water absorption, so it won’t easily become saturated by rain or flood water.

Bi-Directional Drying

Open-cell spray foam’s vapour permeability makes it easier for damp walls to dry out.

Water Deflection

Closed-cell spray foam deflects bulk water and stops water transferring into your home, helping to prevent water ingress.

Vapour Permeable

Open-cell spray foam allows moisture to escape through the insulation, which reduces mould problems and makes leaks easier to spot. 

Just as flooding is only one cause of water damage, spray foam is only one way to effectively protect your home against water problems.

To increase your home’s protection even more, you could look at additional home improvements like protective wall coatings and modern triple-glazed windows

Must-Visit Attractions in and Around Kidlington

When you choose spray foam for your new insulation material, you’re choosing to insulate your home in one of the easiest ways possible, as the installation team will take care of everything. 

Come installation day, as long as you have a day out planned to pass the time as the insulation cures, you’re pretty much good to go!

How About Visiting Blenheim Palace?

Blenheim Palace is a breath-taking sight and a real must-visit attraction near to Kidlington.

Between the incredible State Rooms, tours of the downstairs staff areas, enormous Marlborough Maze, Winston Churchill exhibition, and beautiful gardens, you won’t be left wanting for something new to see and explore at Blenheim Palace!

What About a Day Out at Wytham Woods?

A different kind of historical day out is waiting for you at Wytham Woods, an ancient woodland with as much to see and explore as Blenheim Palace.

You’ll have about 1000 acres to explore at Wytham Woods, where you’ll be able to discover more than 500 plant species, 800 butterflies and moth species, and many amazing woodland habitats.

After just 24 hours, your new insulation will be dry and ready to make sure that your house stays the same for many years to come.

Kidlington Spray Foam Insulation from Home Logic – A Better Home Awaits!

You don’t have to live with common problems like damp, mould, pests, and draughts if you don’t want to!

From Kidlington spray foam insulation to solutions for conservatory insulation, new windows, and flat roofs, Home Logic have the improvements you need to keep your home safe. 

To explore our range of solutions for better homes, you can take a look at our website, where you’ll also find a call back form to fill in so we can get in touch with you.

Alternatively, you can get into contact with our family-run service by phone on 0800 1700 636 to learn more about spray foam installs in Kidlington.