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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Leatherhead

spray foam insulation leatherhead

Now more than ever before, energy conservation is important in homes the length and breadth of the UK.

Conserving energy as a nation will lead to a better quality of life, with reduced carbon emissions improving the air we breathe and lower energy bills making heating and cooling more affordable. 

The higher the energy efficiency of a property, the greater the energy savings, but how does your home stack up?

The most common energy rating band in Surrey is C, with 46.2% of homes sitting comfortably in the green.

Only 5.9% of properties rank higher on the list, so that leaves about 48% of homes in band D to G.

This is lower than the UK average but still a long way off the area potential – 89.7% of homes in Surrey could be in bands A to C.

Many homes in Leatherhead and the wider Surrey area aren’t realising their true energy efficiency potential, but this is something that Leatherhead spray foam insulation can help with.

Surrey actually has a poorer overall wall energy efficiency than the UK average, so upgrading existing insulation to spray foam in Leatherhead really makes sense.

A spray foam install in Leatherhead can help you to boost energy efficiency, do more for the environment, and save money on your bills – it’s a win-win-win investment!

How to Increase Energy Efficiency with Leatherhead Icynene Spray Foam Insulation 

An Icynene spray foam install in Leatherhead is the ultimate investment into the energy-efficient future of your home, for a couple of very good reasons. 

The first reason is that spray foam insulation is an incredible insulator. Spray foam has a great R-value, which is resistance to conductive heat flow.

The insulation will reduce how quickly heat escapes, keeping it inside for longer. 

The second reason is that spray foam is an air barrier. In the area where you install spray foam, it’ll drastically reduce air leakage, which is another big cause of heat loss. 

Cracks in walls and small holes in the roof are easy escape routes for conditioned air (air that you’ve cooled or heated); when this air escapes, your HVAC systems have to replace it by conditioning new air from outdoors.  

The constant heating and cooling of new air makes your HVAC systems work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature, especially given that heat is transferring straight through the walls, roof, and floors as well.

Sealing the holes responsible for uncontrolled air movement and improving thermal resistance will ultimately reduce wasted energy, increase heating and cooling efficiency, and decrease energy bills. 

Icynene spray foam insulation in Leatherhead will start you on the path towards greater energy efficiency with significant savings on your energy bills.

You can further build on this by switching your energy provider to save more money and investing in other home improvements, like triple-glazing, to conserve more energy.

The Top Two Attractions to Visit Near Leatherhead

Installing Icynene spray foam in Leatherhead is a really exciting process, and not just because of the end results.

The actual installation process can also be enjoyable. While the installation team apply spray foam, you’ll have time to enjoy a day out!

Spray foam needs 24 hours to properly cure after application, so you’ll have more than enough time to visit at least one or two amazing local attractions:

Leatherhead Museum 

To celebrate the modernisation of your home with a spray foam install, how about taking a trip back in time with a visit to Leatherhead Museum?

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the museum, there’s a lot to discover inside!

Bocketts Farm Park

Tractor rides, farm walks, pig races, and a stable full of horses and donkeys – Bocketts Farm Park is the ultimate farm adventure right on your doorstep.

There’s plenty of animals to see, a wonderful farm shop, and a great tearoom to visit during your trip.

How you spend the insulation cure day is completely up to you, but if you’re stuck for ideas, checking out the attractions near you and rediscovering one of two of your favourites is a great place to start!

Choose the Home Logic Team for Spray Foam Insulation in Leatherhead

If you’re curious to learn more about saving energy at home with Leatherhead Icynene spray foam, then you can get all the information you need by contacting Home Logic.

Our family-run service offers many incredible energy-saving home improvement options, including a full service for Leatherhead spray foam installation.

Get in touch with us by phone on 0800 1700 636, or through our website to learn more.