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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Lichfield

spray foam insulation lichfield

As the 12th smallest city in the UK with a population of just 32,219 people, Lichfield has a surprisingly large number of listed buildings, with 259 grade I, grade II*, and grade II buildings altogether.

While historic properties have many unique and wonderful characteristics, insulation often isn’t one of them.

The value of excellent insulation has been known for centuries, yet a large number of buildings today still lack suitable levels of insulation in important areas like the roof, walls, and floors.

Many older properties have never been insulated, let alone with modern materials, and even a large number of newer developments have old insulation or no insulation at all. 

If you live in the beautiful town of Lichfield and struggle to heat or cool your home, then it’s time to take a closer look at your insulation and consider an upgrade to Icynene spray foam in Lichfield.

Many of the residential and commercial buildings in the town are great candidates for Lichfield spray foam insulation.

By booking an Icynene spray foam install in Lichfield, you can introduce some wonderful changes into your home or business, many of which may come as a surprise…

The Benefits of Installing Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Lichfield

New insulation is one of the best investments that you could make to improve your property, and when that new insulation material is spray foam in Lichfield, the investment is incredibly rewarding.

If you’ve never heard of spray foam insulation before or taken a look at its unique properties, then here are some of the biggest benefits that demonstrate how rewarding of an investment it can be:

  • Spray foam deters rats, mice, and insects
  • Spray foam improves the quality of indoor air
  • Spray foam eliminates cold draughts
  • Spray foam significantly increases energy efficiency
  • Spray foam makes heating and cooling a property easier
  • Spray foam reduces the cost of your energy bills
  • Spray foam increases soundproofing
  • Spray foam lowers heat loss and heat gain
  • Spray foam reduces mould growth, damp, and rot
  • Spray foam protects against water damage and wind damage
  • Spray foam lasts for decades

Lichfield Icynene spray foam combines exceptional insulating ability with an air barrier to seal your home against everything from pollution to cold draughts.

The insulation will give you a much better indoor environment where major problems like damp and roof damage are less likely to occur.  

Rediscover the Best Historic Attractions in Lichfield

Whether you own a business or live in an old or new property in Lichfield, spray foam is an amazing choice of insulation material for long-term protection. Even in the short term during the installation process, you’ll be glad that you chose spray foam!

By booking a spray foam install in Lichfield, you take the stress out of getting your property insulated. On installation day, you’ll just need to decide how to spend the spray foam cure time (a 24-hour process after application).

Here are a couple of ideas for a fun, historical day out in Lichfield:

Explore Lichfield Cathedral

The magnificent Lichfield Cathedral is the ideal place to visit for a dose of local history.

As the UK’s only medieval cathedral with three spires, and with 1300 years of history housed within its walls, you won’t be short of incredible things to see during your visit.

Visit Erasmus Darwin House

Erasmus Darwin House is another fabulous attraction in Lichfield with some amazing history to uncover. The house was once home to Erasmus Darwin and today is open to visitors who want to explore his interests and life through the museum’s fascinating collection. 

The benefits of spray foam insulation will start to become very noticeable after the foam has cured and will continue to appear as the seasons change!

Choose Home Logic for Expert Lichfield Spray Foam Installation 

Spray foam insulation in Lichfield is one of the best choices of insulation material for many new and old homes, and Home Logic is the ideal family-run service to choose to install it!

We offer a professional service for Icynene spray foam installation in Lichfield and across the UK for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.

For advice about Lichfield spray foam for your home or business, please get in touch with our friendly team by phone on 0800 1700 636, or through our website.