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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Market Drayton

spray foam insulation market drayton

Creating the perfect home environment takes time and often a good-sized investment to make your living spaces just right for your family. Once you’ve put the time in to make your home perfect, the last thing you want is for something to come along and destroy it. 

Sadly, extreme weather does occur in the UK and with it comes the potential to damage your home interior.

Flooding is one example of a problem that can cause serious damage, like the flooding in January 2013 that left many homeowners in Market Drayton having to pump water out of their houses.

Hot weather and high humidity – which Shropshire residents experienced in late June 2019 – are further potential destroyers of the perfect home environment.

In the face of extreme temperature and weather problems, it can come in handy having a great insulation material installed like Icynene spray foam in Market Drayton. 

It’s common knowledge that insulation improves temperature control, but some insulation materials also combat water problems and a vast number of other problems that impact your home. 

Spray foam insulation in Market Drayton is one of the best insulation materials out there to protect your home from more than just temperature extremes.

From flood protection to pest protection, read on to discover how Market Drayton Icynene spray foam can defend your home…

Keep Your Home Safe and Comfortable with Market Drayton Spray Foam Insulation 

Market Drayton Icynene spray foam insulation has many great properties and capabilities that can keep your home safe and improve your living spaces. Perhaps one of the most versatile of these capabilities is the air barrier that spray foam creates.

The spray foam air barrier restricts the movement of air, keeping the air you heat or cool inside and keeping outdoor air outside. Two big benefits of restricted air movement are better temperature control and higher energy efficiency, but there are more. 

Less humid air movement can mean greater condensation protection. At times of the year when it’s very humid, spray foam insulation will reduce the potential of moisture getting trapped in cavities, building up, and then causing mould and damp.

Throughout the year, the air barrier will also reduce pollutant and allergen entry from outdoors. The air barrier is even capable of eliminating cold draughts, which will help to keep your home warm in winter. 

As well as functioning as an air barrier, closed-cell spray foam is a water restrictive barrier. Closed-cell spray foam can minimise the potential of water damage during flooding and heavy rain as it lowers the chances of water penetration.

This form of spray foam can also defend against wind damage by increasing wind uplift resistance in the roof. 

Creating a safer home is something that Market Drayton spray foam is very good at, but it also creates a more comfortable home. The insulation deters pests, it can increase soundproofing, and it improves temperature regulation!

Explore the Best Attractions in Market Drayton

If you worry about bad weather or other problems affecting your home, then arranging a spray foam install in Market Drayton is a good way to add extra protection.

During the installation process the professionals will apply the foam, and while the foam cures you’ll have some free time to enjoy a fun day out in Market Drayton.

Spend the Day at Hodnet Hall Gardens

Hodnet Hall Gardens is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Market Drayton area.

You could spend the day relaxing in the gardens or discovering the fascinating little features that make the gardens so unique – it’s up to you!

Pay a Visit to Woodseaves Miniature Railway

Woodseaves Miniature Railway is a charming little attraction at the Woodseaves Garden Plants Nursery.

The railway is only open on Sundays and for part of the year but it’s well-worth a visit if your spray foam insulation day happens to coincide with the railway timetable. 

Installing Market Drayton Icynene spray foam insulation really can be as enjoyable as exploring your local area for the day while the insulation cures!

Home Logic: An Expert Installation Service for Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Market Drayton

Curious to learn more about the capabilities of spray foam in Market Drayton, or want to know more about the installation process? Home Logic are here to provide the answers to all your spray-foam-related questions!

You can get in touch with our family-run spray foam installation service by phone on 0800 1700 636, or by visiting our website, where you’ll find plenty of information about spray foam.