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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Minehead

spray foam insulation minehead

In 1995, Minehead was flooded after a storm broke through the town’s sea defences. Just four years later, the new sea defences ended up washing away the beach.

In the decades since the 1995 flooding, the residents of Minehead have continued to suffer from water-related problems.

In 2012, heavy downpours flooded multiple businesses in Minehead, and in 2018, flood alerts were put in place in Minehead due to strong winds and heavy rain. 

Flooding, heavy rain, strong winds, and wind-driven rain – a particular problem on the west coast of England – can all caused big problems inside your home.

Surprisingly though, your insulation can play a part in protecting your home from these problems, especially if your insulation is Minehead Icynene spray foam.

Spray foam insulation is unlike most insulation materials out there, in part because it’s very flexible but also because it offers protection against water-related problems.

Installing Icynene spray foam insulation in Minehead won’t completely eliminate the risk of water or wind damage but it will help to prevent it. For extra protection against the elements in Minehead, spray foam insulation is worth looking at.

How Can Minehead Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Protect Against Weather Damage?

Water protection may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of insulation, as many insulation materials on the market aren’t designed to offer much extra protection above and beyond thermal insulation, but spray foam insulation is different. 

Icynene spray foam insulation is first and foremost an incredible insulator but it also functions as an air barrier. The air barrier brings many benefits to the table, like a reduction in condensation-related problems.

Due to the air barrier and spray foam’s natural resistance to water absorption, you’ll gain additional protection from water problems no matter which type of spray foam you install.

However, closed-cell spray foam – a dense foam insulation – also functions as a water restrictive barrier. 

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is often used in places prone to serious water problems as it’s very resistant to the absorption of water. This type of spray foam greatly improves moisture protection as it’s capable of blocking the transfer of water and deflecting water. 

When you install closed-cell spray foam in the roof it’ll also improve resistance to wind uplift, which is particularly beneficial during storms. Overall, the properties of spray foam will help to protect against rain, wind, wind-driven rain, and flooding. 

Of course, you’ll also gain greater temperature control when you book an Icynene spray foam install in Minehead.

Spray foam will keep your home cooler during the hot summer months and warmer during the winter, at the same time as reducing your energy bills!

The Best Places to Visit on a Day Out in Minehead

If you’re considering upgrading your insulation material, then Minehead spray foam is a rewarding choice, both immediately and in the long term.

You’ll be able to enjoy a great installation process straightaway, as the installers will take care of applying the foam and you’ll have time to enjoy a day out in your local area as it cures.

Spend the Day at Blenheim Gardens

Blenheim Gardens is a beautiful part of Minehead with 6 acres of luscious lawns and lovely flowerbeds.

Heading to the park is a great way to spend the insulation cure day, whether you intend to relax and enjoy the scenery or try out the 18-hole putting course.

Plan a Trip to Minehead Museum

How about an afternoon spent learning about the history of Minehead and the surrounding area?

The Minehead Museum has many great exhibits that chart the history of Minehead, covering major events and the history of some of the town’s most well-known places.

The long-term rewards of installing spray foam in Minehead include a higher property resale value, reduced energy bills, and the peace of mind that your home will be protected for decades to come!

Home Logic: The Professional Service to Choose for Spray Foam Installations in Minehead

Icynene spray foam in Minehead has many amazing capabilities, with water protection, wind protection, temperature control, and better energy efficiency just scratching the surface of what spray foam can do!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of spray foam insulation in Minehead, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Home Logic team on 0800 1700 636.

Our family-run service is on hand to help you protect and enhance your property in some brilliant ways.