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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Newcastle Under Lyme

spray foam insulation newcastle under lyme

High levels of road traffic emissions have led to the declaration of four Air Quality Management Areas in the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

One is located in Newcastle-under-Lyme’s town centre, and the other three are located in Little Madeley; Kidsgrove; and May Bank, Wolstanton and Porthill. 

Excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide – a product of road traffic emissions – is very damaging to your health. Nitrogen dioxide is a respiratory irritant associated with a range of problems, including respiratory infections, shortness of breath, and poor lung function.

Exposure to air pollution outdoors is not always avoidable, especially in certain places around Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding areas.

Indoor exposure to harmful pollutants, however, can be reduced by improving indoor air quality with investments like Newcastle-under-Lyme Icynene spray foam insulation.

Upgrading your insulation material to Icynene spray foam in Newcastle-under-Lyme will introduce many healthy improvements to your home environment, including improved air quality.

If you’re concerned about air pollution in your local area, then read on to see how a spray foam install in Newcastle-under-Lyme can help…

How to Create a Healthy Home with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Spray foam insulation in Newcastle-under-Lyme is a great insulation material to keep your home comfortable and increase energy efficiency.

The modern insulation will reduce heat loss and heat gain, make your heating and cooling systems more efficient, and cut the costs of your energy bills.

As well as creating a warmer and cooler home environment, depending on the time of year, spray foam insulation is also a beneficial product for air quality management. 

In areas of high outdoor pollution, indoor air quality can quickly become a concern, with pollutants and allergens from outside contaminating the inside. Newcastle-under-Lyme spray foam insulation makes it much more difficult for this to happen. 

By creating an air barrier in the area where it’s installed, spray foam works to minimise the entry of pollutants and allergens from outside. You could install spray foam in the walls, floors, or lofts to reduce the infiltration of harmful substances from outdoors. 

Spray foam is also capable of lowering airborne irritants like exhaust fumes, dust, and humidity. The insulation can be installed to create a barrier between garages and living spaces or be used to seal pest entry points

Installing spray foam in Newcastle-under-Lyme will lower indoor irritants like mould and reduce the amount of outdoor pollutants in your home to create a much healthier environment overall.

By building on the better environment that spray foam creates with other air-quality-improving-investments, you can turn your home into a healthy, safe, and comfortable place to spend time. 

The Top Attractions Near Newcastle-under-Lyme

Booking an Icynene spray foam install in Newcastle-under-Lyme gives you the opportunity to improve your home at the same time as enjoying a great day out.

It takes 24 hours for spray foam to cure after it’s been applied, which means 24 hours of free time where its best to leave the insulation undisturbed. Here are two amazing local attractions that you could visit during the curing process:

The Brampton Museum

The Brampton Museum will take you on a journey through time, with 28,000 objects relating to local history to discover.

The regular special exhibits at The Brampton Museum means that there’s always a reason to stop by and see something new.

Monkey Forest

Have you ever wanted to walk with monkeys? Well, at Monkey Forest you can do just that! There’s a 3/4-mile pathway at Monkey Forest that runs straight through the monkey enclosure – which is home to 140 Barbary macaques.

This unique experience is great for adults and children alike as something fun to do as you wait for your insulation to cure. 

If you’ve already been to The Brampton Museum or Monkey Forest before, then there are plenty of other incredible attractions in and around Newcastle-under-Lyme that you could visit as spray foam cures.

Home Logic: A High-Quality Service for Newcastle-under-Lyme Spray Foam Installation 

For Newcastle-under-Lyme Icynene spray foam installed to the highest standards, Home Logic are the local experts to call.

Our family-run service has you covered with professional advice about Newcastle-under-Lyme spray foam and more information about booking an installation with our team.

To get the answers to your question about Icynene spray foam installs in Newcastle-under-Lyme, please give us a call on 0800 1700 636, or visit our website and fill in the call back form.