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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam Insulation Ossett

Did you know that an Icynene spray foam install in Ossett isn’t just a great way to reduce your energy bills and keep your home at the perfect temperature throughout the year?

Installing Ossett spray foam also means installing an extra line of defence against moisture problems!

In places like Ossett where rainfall throughout the year is significant, having an additional layer of water defence can prove very beneficial.

Spray foam insulation in Ossett will reduce the risk of water damage, make your home environment healthier, and help you to avoid expensive repairs caused by water problems.

Keep on reading to learn more about the protective benefits of a spray foam install in Ossett and how this modern insulation can improve your home…

How Can Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Ossett Keep My Home Dry?

According to the closest climate station to Ossett – located in Birchencliffe – an average of 1028.4mm of rain falls on the town every single year – more than the average for the Midlands, the North, and England overall!

In the face of so much rainfall, it’s vital to put in place some kind of defence against water-related problems. For many homes in Ossett and across the UK, spray foam insulation is one of the best forms of moisture defence. 

Closed-cell spray foam is ideal in areas where water-related problems, like flooding and significant rainfall, are common. This type of spray foam is very rigid in comparison to open-cell spray foam, where the open cells make the foam softer and spongier.

Closed-cell spray foam offers a very high degree of moisture defence; the foam is extremely resistant to water absorption (the rate of absorption is below 1%) and is capable of floating on water.

The insulation will form a water resistive barrier in the area where it’s installed, which will block the transfer of water and deflect bulk water.

Closed-cell spray foam is very effective at blocking heat transfer and will add structural support to walls and roofs when installed to the correct thickness. 

Both closed-cell spray foam and open-cell spray foam are capable of forming a seamless layer that protects against mould and damp.

The insulation will restrict the movement of humid air and reduce the chances of it condensing inside cavities, building up, and causing dampness and rot. 

With Ossett Icynene spray foam insulation installed, you can sleep easy at night in a warm and comfortable home, with the knowledge that water is less likely to make its way into your home and cause serious damage. 

Great Days Out in Ossett

It may rain fairly often in Ossett, but that certainly shouldn’t stop you from enjoying an amazing day out while you wait for spray foam to cure. 

The spray foam curing process takes 24 hours, so there’ll be plenty of time to visit a couple of good attractions in your local area, such as:

Crafty Owls Café and Art Studio

How about painting your own pottery or learning how to draw as you wait for spray foam to cure?

Crafty Owls Café and Art Studio has a great selection of pots for adults and children to paint and offers regular adult art classes.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

For a different kind of arty day out, you could head over to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – one of the most popular attractions in the local area!

You’ll discover a beautiful array of sculptures in many different styles around the grounds, and there are plenty of exciting exhibits to view inside as well.

After enjoying a memorable day out in Ossett and the surrounding areas, you’ll be able to return home and start enjoying the benefits of spray foam – from increased comfort to improved soundproofing and better moisture defence!

Protect Your Home with Home Logic’s Ossett Spray Foam Insulation 

Whether you’re concerned about rain damage, worried about energy efficiency, or fed up with noise pollution, Home Logic has a solution!

Our solutions for better homes are designed to improve property protection and give you a more comfortable home, as well as reduce your energy and maintenance bills!

To talk to a member of our team about Ossett Icynene spray foam installation, you can call us up on 0800 1700 636, or visit our website, where you’ll also find more information about the other home improvements that our family-run service can install in your local area.