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Spray foam Insulation Peterborough

Spray foam Insulation Peterborough

Spray foam insulation is best for sealing holes and cracks that allow air leakage. No other insulation product can provide air-tight sealing as spray foam. That being said, let’s take a look at your Spray foam insulation Peterborough options…

How Does Spray Foam Drive Down Your Bills?

The single, most important reason people install insulation is to reduce their usage, and consequently drive down their bills. And installing spray foam insulation in your Peterborough property enables you to achieve exactly that.

Air infiltration causes energy loss, heat loss, heat gain, and makes heating and cooling your home more challenging.

There are always gaps, holes, and air leaks you will find. Luckily for you, spray foam prevents these issues from occurring.

That way, your energy bills are no longer unnecessary high. Why waste money on energy bills when you can spend that money on something else?

Spray foam serves two purposes. For starters, spray foam serves as insulation. But more importantly, spray foam serves as air barrier, closing crannies that let air escape.

Your complete heating, ventilating, and air condition system plays a huge role in your utility bills. So, why not reduce those bills? Maintaining an optimal HVAC system makes your home much more energy efficient.

Spray foam insulation can work as an air sealant for your plumbing vents, open soffits, behind knee walls, attic hatches, windows, doors, basement rim joists, and much more.

Once you decide to improve the energy efficiency of your home, we highly recommend that you work with a professional and reliable contractor.

Spray foam Insulation Peterborough

Benefits of spray foam insulation

As stated previously, we firmly believe spray foam is one of the best insulation types on the market. Perfect for closing cavities and holes, spray foam can do so much more. Here are some of the additional benefits this multi-purpose foam provides:

– Provides an air-tight seal in your home. No other insulation type can do the same

– Prevents moisture from entering your crawl space and your home. Spray foam is excellent for preventing mould in your home

– Spray foam does not absorb moisture

– Spray foam has an expansive nature, allowing you to seal all holes, nooks and crannies

– Spray foam is a powerful insulator, reducing your energy bill by 50%

– Spray foam is eco-friendly, improving your carbon footprint

But most importantly, spray foam stands the test of time. When installed properly, spray foam insulation can last for more than 20 years in your Peterborough property.

Spray foam Insulation Peterborough


Should You Do It Yourself?

When you have just one or two holes in your home, it is tempting to think that you can do it yourself. But we highly recommend that you hire a licensed installer instead.

contractor will apply just the right amount of spray foam. When you are trying to do it yourself, you might apply too little, or too much spray foam.

The result does more harm than good to your home, and can be considerably costly to fix.

And let’s not ignore the fact that you need the right equipment. Do you have the latest up to date equipment for installing spray foam? Probably not. Your contractor, on the other hand, certainly has.

Check cost estimations for your particular project using our online instant pricing tool