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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation South Shields

spray foam insulation south shields

Ambitious plans have been revealed to transform Holborn in South Shields into a vibrant new development.

The £200m plan could see new housing, offices, and leisure facilities springing up in the riverside quarter, completely redeveloping the brownfield land and docks.

The redevelopment could mean incredible things for the local area… but not all amazing redevelopments have to come with a £200m price tag!

You can refresh your home in South Shields on a much, much smaller budget by installing South Shields Icynene spray foam insulation.

This unique insulation material will allow you to pull off ambitious plans for your home, like converting unused spaces and enjoying greater comfort with lower energy bills. 

Icynene spray foam insulation in South Shields is not your typical insulation material – far from it in fact.

For a transformation that makes a true difference to the comfort your home, you can take inspiration from your local area and plan your own grand design project with South Shields spray foam!

Spray Foam Insulation in South Shields: The Ultimate Home Transformation

Home improvements don’t come much better than installing spray foam insulation!

As you watch your local area undergo an enormous transformation, here are four ways that South Shields spray foam insulation can renew your home:

From Uncomfortable House to Comfortable Home

Tired of a freezing home in winter and a boiling home in summer? You can use spray foam insulation to increase temperature regulation and gain more control over heating and cooling.

Just a simple spray foam install in South Shields will reduce heat loss and heat gain to give you a home that’s much easier to keep warm and cool.

From Expensive Energy Bills to Energy Efficiency

Do you regularly pay a fortune for your energy use? Insulation is one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

Spray foam will stop heat escaping/entering and reduce unwanted air movement to give your HVAC systems a performance boost.

From Damp Walls to Dry Home

Discovered problems with damp or mould around your home?

Spray foam restricts humid air movement, keeping moisture out of cavities and reducing the risk of moisture entrapment and build up. Less condensation problems means less mould, damp, and rot in your walls!

From Usable Space to Extra Rooms

Do you have loft, basement, or garage space that’s going to waste? Spray foam’s superior insulating ability means that you don’t need much insulation to make the space warm, quiet, and less exposed to the elements.

You can maximise the space you have to create a new bedroom, games room, family room, or media room!

The amazing properties of spray foam insulation lend themselves well to home transformations, giving you the ability to unlock hidden potential in your home and make the space perfect for your family.

Check Out the Top Places for a Day Out in South Shields

Many large-scale home or town transformations take a lot of time, but the same can’t be said for an Icynene spray foam install in South Shields!

In a little over a day, the new insulation will be ready to protect your home. That doesn’t mean a day of hard work though! While the professionals take care of everything, you can relax and revisit some of the best attractions in South Shields. 

Visit Souter Lighthouse

Situated on a beautiful part of the coast, Souter Lighthouse is open to visitors who want to learn more about the history of the lighthouse and the fascinating life of lighthouse keepers.

There’s also plenty to do around the lighthouse, including wonderful coastal walks and visiting the wildlife garden.

Spend the Day at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is one of the most popular attractions in South Shields, with traditional fairground rides, amusements, and food.

On spray foam installation day, you could check out some of the thrill rides – like the log fume and Urban Wave – or try and win a prize or two on hook a duck! 

As spray foam takes 24 hours to cure after installation, there’s nothing stopping you from planning a memorable day out and visiting more than one local attraction.

Contact Home Logic Today for South Shields Icynene Spray Foam Installation 

Home Logic is an expert service for South Shields spray foam installation in residential and commercial properties.

We can insulate your whole home with South Shields Icynene spray foam, or just part of it, it’s entirely up to you!

Give our family-run installation service a call today on 0800 1700 636 to speak to an insulation expert about spray foam in South Shields.