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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Structural Strength: What Does It Offer My Home?

spray foam insulation structural strength

The newest insulation product on the British home improvement market is Spray Foam Insulation, and following a feature on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, its popularity is growing.

As an industrial foam rather than a material lining or blown-in plastic, Spray Foam Insulation is a completely different product to more traditional insulation types. Depending on the chemical make-up of foam Insulation, it can be used in listed or older buildings to help support the building’s structure.

With Spray Foam Insulation, structural strength is increased, and is bolstered by the new insulation within, as the following article reveals…

What Is Spray Foam Insulation Made Of?

This type of insulation is 50% a chemical mixture, and 50% water, which create an instant reaction that forms a foam. These two components are mixed using specialist equipment, and then sprayed onto surfaces, or injected into cavities.

The foam expands to fill the area around it (perfect for awkward nooks and crannies that can’t be otherwise reached!), and then dries over a period of 24-hours.

Once dried, the finished product has the texture of thick sponge cake, and is an off-white colour in appearance. It cannot be ripped or damaged.

How Strong Is Spray Foam Insulation?

The unique mixture may not look particularly strong, but it is structurally sound to the point where it can actually support the building around it, enhancing the building’s stability.

For a new build, this may not be a concern, but for older or more unusually constructed properties, can be a real benefit.

It’s not likely something you’ve considered much but the walls of your home are the most important structural component of it. The walls hold the weight of the ceilings and roof surfaces, as well as any standing water. This is a big load, and exerts a downward force onto the walls.

Alongside periodic sideways forces from wind, walls can be pressured from all sides by weight that all too often goes unconsidered; yet can cause distortion.

Building regulations and standards ensure that your walls are constructed to withhold these forces, but realistically, many construction firms only adhere to the minimum standards – and over time, structural ability declines.

Dried and cured spray insulation installed between wall cavities or between roof rafters supports the surfaces around it and eases the pressure as they move, contract or expand.

The NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) carried out studies that proved walls reinforced with Spray Foam Insulation have a racking strength increased by up to 300%, compared to their strength without it

spray foam insulation structural strength

Our talented team are available on the phone or in person to discuss your insulation needs. Their advice, a home assessment, and quotation are all free, and with no obligation to make a purchase

Spray Foam Insulation Structural Strength: What Do Our Customers Think?

The nature of Spray Foam Insulation is that it fills all available space around it. This provides a seamless and water-tight insulation barrier to the property within, increasing the comfort and heat within the home.

Those who have already had foam insulation installed in their homes note the noticeable change in their comfort, writing on review site TrustPilot comments such as:

“Fantastic job done by two lovely guys, they worked late into the evening to get the job done.
They left no mess in the loft. It has made a huge difference to the insulation in the loft and the warmth in the whole house!”

“The two installers were friendly and professional dust sheets were put from the front door to the landing, the loft was sprayed, dust sheets removed I was asked to check the loft to see if I was happy with their work all in less than 2 hours. There is/was a built-in cupboard in our bedroom that was always cold and damp. Now it is not damp or cold – as I am writing this it is 9.30pm, the outside temperature 15c in the house it is 23.2c with no heating on! Time will tell but we feel it has definitely done what the salesman said, we are very pleased!”

“We found the staff at Home Logic to be very friendly and professional in all aspects of the business. The guys who came to install the foam insulation had come a very long way but they arrived on time for an early start as we had requested. The real joy came in the following days when we noticed the thermostat setting needed to be set at least two degrees lower than previously, and the residual heat lasted for much longer, so in the long run it will pay for itself and we will be warm and cosy. It is simple logic for the home.”

Our talented team are available on the phone or in person to discuss your insulation needs. Their advice, a home assessment, and quotation are all free, and with no obligation to make a purchase – so get in touch today, by simply calling 0800 1700 636, or by clicking the button below!