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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Tamworth

spray foam insulation tamworth

History, culture, and picturesque beauty spots – there are many wonderful reasons to love living in the West Midlands. The region is a hive of activity, where you’re never far away from a great attraction, beautiful area of countryside, or place of historic significance. 

However, living in the West Midlands also means that you’re never far away from a property classed as a ‘category one hazard’.

In the West Midlands, 26% of private-rented houses are unfit for occupation, totalling 112,973 properties – and that’s just the private-rented housing stock! 

Mould, damp, and excessive cold are all reasons why a property may be classed as unsuitable for human occupation.

If your home or rental property experiences any of these problems, then it might be time to consider changing your insulation to Icynene spray foam in Tamworth. 

Spray foam insulation in Tamworth is ideal for properties that suffer from excessive cold and moisture problems, as well as a long list of other common issues. For extra comfort where it matters the most, a spray foam install in Tamworth is the answer.

Solve Temperature and Moisture Problems with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Tamworth

Excessive cold is a problem that impacts many homes in the UK, but thankfully it happens to be a problem that Tamworth Icynene spray foam insulation is particularly good at solving. 

Spray foam insulation does two crucial things to turn a cold home into a warm one: it prevents heat transfer and it minimises air leakage. Heat is lost through many areas of a property and due to air movement, but spray foam drastically reduces this. 

When you install spray foam in Tamworth, you’re essentially putting in place a barrier that keeps heat and conditioned air inside and keeps cold air outside. In the summer, the insulation keeps cool air inside and keeps heat and warm air outside. 

With good insulation it’ll be easier to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Your energy bills will reflect the change in temperature control and start to reduce as you use less energy for heating and cooling. 

Installing spray foam will also reduce cases of damp and mould growth, as well as rot, which can seriously damage your home.

Spray foam creates a continuously insulated layer in places like ceilings and walls, which minimises the potential of moisture entrapment and build-up.

Further benefits of booking an Icynene spray foam install in Tamworth include greater soundproofing, better indoor air quality, and pest deterrence – whatever problem is affecting your home, it’s likely that Tamworth spray foam can be part of the solution. 

The Must-Visit Attractions Near Tamworth

Tamworth Icynene spray foam also happens to be the solution to finding the time to revisit your favourite attractions!

The installation and curing process of spray foam takes a little longer than a day, giving you enough time to rediscover the best attractions in your local area.

Pay a Visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park

There’s something at Drayton Manor Theme Park to delight and entertain every member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest.

Between the rides and attractions – from rollercoasters to 4D cinema experiences – and the 15-acre zoo, you won’t be short of something to do on a trip to the theme park!

Explore Tamworth Castle

How about a trip to Tamworth Castle as your insulation cures? The incredible castle boasts 900 years of history spread across 15 rooms, and a beautiful courtyard that you can explore during your visit.

From the tower to the armoury and dungeon, there’s plenty to see and a lot of history to discover at Tamworth Castle.

With a layer of spray foam in place, you can stop worrying about common household problems in your home or rental property and start enjoying comfortable living spaces.

High-Quality Tamworth Spray Foam Insulation from Home Logic

Home Logic provide a professional, family-run installation service for spray foam in Tamworth and a number of other effective solutions to creating a better home environment.

We can help you to improve your home, protect your rental property, and enhance your commercial building in many great ways. 

To get in touch with Home Logic to discuss Tamworth Icynene spray foam installation or any of our other home improvement products, please call us on 0800 1700 636, or fill in the call back form on our website.