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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation West Bromwich

spray foam insulation west bromwich

When you’re sat at home relaxing in the evening, the last thing that you want disturbing your peace is the sound of rodents scurrying around in your walls.

While this scenario may sound like something out of a horror film, it’s a very real problem in many homes across the UK.

West Bromwich has encountered rat problems in the past, like in 2012, when a pile of uncollected rubbish caused a mini rat infestation in the local area.

The rat problem hasn’t abated much since then; across Sandwell there were 1,958 council callouts for pests in 2016/2017 – more than Dudley and Walsall, but less than Birmingham.

Clearing out an existing infestation should always be the first step if you’ve noticed rats or mice in your walls, roof, or main living spaces.

Then you can look at keeping them out, which is where West Bromwich Icynene spray foam insulation comes into the equation.  

Spray foam in West Bromwich is an unlikely but effective way to reduce rat, mice, and insect problems inside your home.

As West Bromwich spray foam is also a leading insulation material, it’ll be insulating your home at the same time as helping to keep pests out!

How Is Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in West Bromwich a Solution to Pest Problems?

It’s completely understandable if you’re at a loss trying to work out how West Bromwich Icynene spray foam can deter pests, as some insulation materials out there almost do the opposite.

Nice, soft shredded insulation is an ideal nesting material – it can easily be moved and it’s a great source of warmth. A select few insulation materials are also a food source for rodents!
Thankfully, spray foam insulation is none of these things.

The seamless layer of fairly solid foam is an awful nesting material, and spray foam isn’t a food source for rats, mice, or other small unwanted critters.

Not only is Icynene spray foam in West Bromwich unappealing to local pests, it’s also very annoying!

The expansion capabilities of spray foam make creating a continuous layer of foam easy.

This means that all those little cracks and gaps that allow rodents to get in will no longer exist.

You can fill your walls with spray foam to stop rats running around and insulate your loft to stop them wandering in from neighboring properties.

Determined rodents will still have the capacity to gnaw away at the insulation, but as it doesn’t make a good nesting material or sustain them, they won’t be as attracted to it.

After an Icynene spray foam install in West Bromwich, your home will be warmer, more energy efficient, and less of an appealing target to rodents and insects. 

The Best Ways to Spend a Day Out in West Bromwich

Another great reason to choose spray foam over more traditional insulation materials is the ease of installation.

Instead of tackling insulation as a DIY project or struggling to insulate everywhere with an unsuitable material, you can leave the spray foam installers to it on installation day and have fun instead.

Pay a Visit to Oak House Museum

Oak House Museum is one of the most fascinating buildings in West Bromwich, with its eye-catching traditional half-timbered exterior.

Inside you’ll be able to discover the history of the house and find out what life was like living there during the 17th century. 

Spend the Day at Sandwell Valley Country Park

Sandwell Valley Country Park can either be the ultimate destination for an adventure-packed day out, a fun family day out, or a relaxing day out – it’s up to you! You could visit Forge Mill Farm, explore the park by foot or bike, or try out the high ropes course.

You’ll have around 24 hours to kill in total while spray foam cures, which is more than enough time to visit a couple of great attractions in your local area!

High-Quality West Bromwich Spray Foam Installation from Home Logic

For more information about spray foam insulation in West Bromwich, you only need to give Home Logic a call. We offer an experienced Icynene spray foam installation service in West Bromwich and across the UK for all types of property.

To get into contact with our family-run service, you can visit our website and fill in the callback form, or call us directly on 0800 1700 636.