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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Whitley Bay

spray foam insulation whitley bay

You don’t need to look any further than your local area to see how beneficial regeneration projects can be. In the last few years, many areas of Whitley Bay have been revitalised, and work is still ongoing. 

Regeneration projects in your own home can be big or small, costly or affordable; there’s no limit (with the exception of building regulations!) to what you can achieve within or around the perimeter of your four walls. 

If you’ve been hit by the regeneration bug, then how about starting your home transformation with an Icynene spray foam install in Whitley Bay?

Installing spray foam insulation in Whitley Bay will improve your home in a subtle way that you’ll notice each and every time you open your front door, until such a point when greater warm, comfort, and peace become the norm. 

For a grand regeneration project that won’t alter the look of your home, but instead the feel, a Whitley Bay spray foam installation is a winning choice.

What Can Whitley Bay Spray Foam Insulation Do for Your Home?

Whitley Bay Icynene spray foam won’t just change your home in a single way, it’ll improve it in many ways. Here are four ways that spray foam insulation will refresh your home, improve it, and unleash even more potential for development:

Reduce Problems with Mould and Damp

Mould and damp won’t be so much of a problem after you install Whitley Bay spray foam.

The insulation will protect your walls from moisture build-up and entrapment and, depending on the type of spray foam you install, either stop water getting in or make it easier for water to get out. 

Introduce Greater Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency home improvements are one of the best ways to renew your home!

Spray foam greatly increases energy efficiency by reducing air leakage and protecting against heat transfer, leaving you with a more comfortable home that doesn’t cost a fortune to heat or cool.

Increase Property Resale Value

With a greater degree of moisture protection and better energy efficiency, your home will already be more appealing to buyers after a spray foam install.

However, spray foam does even more to boost your property value, like increasing soundproofing, improving air quality, and eliminating draughts.

Make Converting and Extending Easier

Spray foam will make it much easier to convert your basement or loft or extend your home. You don’t need very much spray foam to achieve great thermal protection, so you’ll be able to make the most of all available space and ensure that it’s warm, dry, and quiet.

Spray foam insulation is a material that lasts. You can expect to enjoy massive savings on your energy bills and a better-feeling home environment for a very long time after installation. 

Discover Whitley Bay’s Best Attractions

Before you can enjoy the benefits of spray foam, it needs to be applied, and before it’s applied, you’ll need to have a day out planned. 

The actual application of spray foam doesn’t take long, but the foam does take 24 hours to cure, during which time it’s best to find a couple of local attractions to visit and go out for the day.

Visit St. Mary’s Lighthouse and Visitor Centre

A trip to St. Mary’s Lighthouse and Visitor Centre will reveal some of the most spectacular views in the North East.

You’ll be able to climb to the top of the lighthouse during your visit and learn all about its history.

Spend the Day at Tynemouth Longsands 

How about spending the day at the beach while your insulation cures? The beautiful golden sands at Tynemouth Longsands make it the perfect destination for a family day out, with great walks and places for lunch nearby.

When you choose Icynene spray foam in Whitley Bay, the whole installation process really is as simple as having fun for a day until the foam dries. 

Home Logic’s Family-Run Service for Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Whitley Bay

Intrigued to learn more about the benefits, capabilities, and flexibility of Whitley Bay Icynene spray foam insulation? You just need to contact Home Logic to get all the information you need about spray foam in Whitley Bay. 

By calling our friendly team on 0800 1700 636, or visiting our website, you can get answers to all your spray foam questions, arrange a free home survey, and book a spray foam install in Whitley Bay.