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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Wigston

Noise pollution can come from a vast number of sources, like irritating traffic noise and new housing developments – the proposed development of 310 homes near Oadby and Wigston received hundreds of objections, in part due to a potential increase in noise pollution that it would cause.

Many sources of noise pollution are easy to identify, but the same can’t be said for every sound nuisance…

Some noise problems are a bit of a mystery, like the ‘Wigston hum’. The distruptive humming noise in Wigston has been described as ‘unbearable’, and the problem is pretty widespread, despite nobody knowing where the sound is actually coming from. 

In the face of traffic noise, local developments, noisy neighbours, barking dogs, and mysterious unidentified hums, it can be difficult to achieve some coveted peace and quiet in your own home.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to identify products that can help with soundproofing!

Spray foam insulation in Wigston can give you some respite from noise and even reduce your energy bills.

How to Combat Noise Problems with Spray Foam Insulation in Wigston

Some traditional insulation materials are very limited in what they can do for your home, as well as in where they can be installed and what problems they can overcome. Spray foam insulation doesn’t suffer from the same set of limitations. 

Many people choose spray foam insulation because it significantly increases heat retention, improves energy efficiency, and can be installed pretty much anywhere. 

Spray foam insulation is normally sprayed or injected, where the liquid then expands to roughly 100x the original size.

As the foam expands, it seals off even the tiniest gaps in an area, and then cures to form a fairly rigid barrier. 

The cured foam is a very effective insulator and air barrier, working almost like a blanket over your property that separates the inside from the outside. This barrier can lower air and moisture movement, block the escape of heat, and reduce the infiltration of sound. 

As the foam seals all gaps, it seals all the places where airborne sounds would normally travel.

Open-cell spray foam, in particular, greatly improves the acoustic properties of your home’s building envelope by lowering airborne and flanking noise. 

The insulation will keep the rooms inside your home much quieter, no matter what’s going on outside.

After installation, you’ll be able to relax in a quiet home, and enjoy the knowledge that your property is more energy efficient, less vulnerable to damp and mould, and easier to keep warm.

Enjoy a Peaceful Day Out in Wigston While Your Insulation Cures

In just over a day, you can say goodbye to excessive noise infiltration and start enjoying a peaceful home! The process starts with preparing the area to be insulated and applying the foam, and then ends once the insulation has fully cured. 

You’ll have a bit of time on your hands while the foam cures, as the curing process takes about 24 hours. During this time, you could get a head start on enjoying some peace by visiting the best attractions near Wigston, like:

Wigston Framework Knitters Museum 

A trip to the Wigston Framework Knitters Museum will quickly make you forget about the noisy streets of Wigston!

The fascinating museum is a true blast from Wigston’s past with lots to see and even a beautiful garden to explore.

Knighton Park

Knighton Park in nearby Leicester has many great activities that you can enjoy on a day out, including using the Ping! Tables, visiting the sensory garden, and trying out the orienteering courses.

The beautiful, natural landscape of the park is definitely a great spot for a relaxing and peaceful day.

Your quiet, comfortable, and energy-efficient house will be waiting for you when you return home, and thanks to the long lifespan of spray foam, you’ll be able to continue enjoying the benefits long into the future.

Home Logic: The Fast and Reliable Service for Wigston Spray Foam Installation

If you’re ready to block out the noise in Wigston and welcome in the wonderful benefits of spray foam insulation, then the team at Home Logic are here to help you!

Our experienced team know how to install spray foam in Wigston safely and effectively to deliver many outstanding benefits, like improved soundproofing and better temperature regulation.

Contact our family-run service today on 0800 1700 636 to get more information about installing spray foam in Wigston.