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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam: Should I Hire A Contractor Or Do It Myself?

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Ethan Johnson

Ethan Johnson

Ethan Johnson is a mechanical engineer by day and a DIY expert by night. After getting a degree in mechanical engineering, and discovering his passion for home improvement projects, he wanted to find a way to put that knowledge to good use and share it with the rest of the world.
That’s how Man Of Family came to be – the idea was to create a place for him to share all his DIY tips and tricks, and for you to find inexpensive, simple, and innovative ways to remodel and improve your home.

Spray Foam Should I Hire A Contractor Or Do It Myself

Should I hire a contractor or should I do it myself? 

That seems to be the oldest question in the book when it comes to homeowners.  

If signs that your home is in desperate need of insulation are popping up all over the place, and you’re wondering which path to choose – the DIY or the “leave it to the pros” one – here’s the ultimate DIY spray foam insulation kit vs. hiring a pro showdown to help you make an informed decision. 

As a self-proclaimed DIY expert, I figured I should start with laying out the pros of installing spray foam insulation yourself. 

So, here’s why (and when) the DIY approach seems like the better solution: 

✓    DIY Projects Help Save Money – Ask any DIY-er why they first started doing home improvement projects, and they’ll most likely tell you it was all about saving some cash. The principle is rather simple – as long as you choose to do these projects yourself, you can avoid paying the contractor, instead. 

✓    It’s A Great Option For Small Areas – The compact and affordable nature of DIY spray foam insulation kits is perfect for small projects, such as covering the areas around your doors or windows. 
Moreover, these small home improvement projects are an excellent way for you to gain more experience. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be skilled enough to handle large, more complicated tasks, as well. 

✓    You Can Get The Job Done Whenever The Need Arises – Have you ever experienced that home improvement itch when you haven’t done any work around the house for a while? Well, DIY insulation kits are an excellent way to scratch it; being readily available, they’re always only a trip to the store away! 

Plus, working alone means yours is the only schedule that matters! 

I’m all about the do-it-yourself approach to home improvements. That doesn’t mean that I won’t tell you about the downsides, though. 

×    DIY Kits Use Low-Quality Foam – You pretty much get what you paid for – and with DIY kits it usually means lower-quality compounds. It’s not always the case, but it does happen, so you might end up with foam that won’t stick to the surface, no matter what you do. 
Plus, it could lose its effectiveness over time, meaning you’ll have to repeat the entire process sooner rather than later.  

×    You’re More Likely To Overspray – If it’s your first time using a DIY spray foam insulation kit, there’s no way for you to tell how the foam will react or how much it will expand when it comes in contact with the surface. 
And if you don’t know how the compounds you’re working with will “behave,” you won’t know when you’ve applied enough, which instantly raises the risk of overdoing it. 

×    Mistakes Will Be Made – Let’s be honest here for a second – do you have the years of experience needed to do the job correctly? Chances are you don’t, and mistakes will be made. It’s likely you’ll either end up with a clogged nozzle (I’m not joking, those things take 30 seconds to close up), with foam all over the place or with compounds that didn’t mix properly. 

Leave It To The Pros: When & Why It’s Better To Hire A Contractor 

Spray Foam Should I Hire A Contractor Or Do It Myself
As a responsible homeowner, you should be able to admit when you’ve bitten off more than you could chew, step down, and let the pros handle the job. On that note, here are some notable advantages of hiring a contractor to install spray foam insulation in your home: 

✓    You Know They’ll Do the Job Right – Remember, you’re not the one with proper training and years of experience here. Chances are you have no clue what it takes to remove the old insulation and don’t even get me started on current building codes, recognizing structural issues and the like. 
The saying “If you want the job done right, do it yourself” doesn’t hold up particularly well in this scenario. 

✓    One Thing Less for You To Worry About – There’s already plenty of things you worry about on a daily basis, so why would you add insulation to the list? I suggest you sit this one out – kick back, and let the contractors take care of everything. 

✓    They Know How to Get Inside Existing Walls – You can be the best DIY-er in the world, but you still won’t be able to insulate an existing enclosed wall with a DIY spray foam kit. Not without tearing down the drywall, that is. 

But you know who can? 

That’s right – an insulation contractor! 

There are a few valid issues every homeowner should keep in mind before they pick up the phone and give their trusted contractor a call. Here are some of the not-so-great aspects of hiring a pro to do deal with the whole spray foam situation: 

×    Contractors Cost More – Professionals do cost way more than do-it-yourself projects. But before you dismiss the option entirely in hopes of saving some money, remember you’re paying for their expertise here, too – and that’s something you don’t bring to the table.  

×    Chances Are You’ll Have to Wait – Of course, every reliable contractor will do their best to serve their customers as soon as possible, but they’re only humans, too – and they can’t be in two places at once, you know? It may take up to a couple of weeks before you get your spot on their schedule, which is another primary reason why some people abandon the idea of hiring a pro entirely and decide to install spray foam insulation themselves.  

Spray Foam Installations: Final Thoughts 

Here’s what I’d like for you to take away from reading this article: 

DIY spray foam insulation kit vs. hiring a pro shouldn’t be a debate, at all – unless you’re dealing with a small insulation project you could manage on your own, hiring a professional contractor is always the better option. 

Mind you, I’m all about DIY projects, but can we agree that sometimes it’s better to step aside and leave the job to someone with a bit more experience?