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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Insulation Attic Cost: All You Need To Know

Spray Insulation Attic Cost

Attics and lofts are often cold, dark and damp rooms, used only for the storage of boxes, dust and creepy crawlies. The best way to insulate your loft to make it more habitable is to line the roof with insulation – and the best solution for that is spray foam insulation.

However, not many homes yet have spray foam insulation installed and not many companies are accredited to install it, so it’s important to research first into spray insulation attic costs and installers.

Spray Foam: An Innovative Insulation Solution

Spray foam insulation is the market leader in insulation in many countries, including Canada, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

A completely different type of insulation material to traditional products, it’s a chemical spray foam that adheres directly to surfaces, rather than needing to be nailed, stuck to or stuffed in.

A polyurethane mix, specialist equipment mixes the solution 50/50 with water before spraying onto or injecting into surfaces or cavities. As a foam, it expands to the space around it, to create a seal that’s second-to-none, with no gaps, spaces, or thinning areas.

This creates a water-tight and air-tight seal, greatly increasing the temperature within.

Reclaim Your Room!

By using spray foam insulation on your roof rather than on the floor of your attic, the room remains at the same comfortable temperature as the rest of your house, so can be used as a living space!

Loft rooms can make attractive bedrooms, offices or living rooms, and the spray foam insulation can brighten the room’s aesthetic, by injecting a bright white blast of colour into it

Spray foam insulation won’t attract dust and doesn’t break down over time, so doesn’t require covering over unless you prefer to.

An extra room in your home increases the property’s value, and makes it more desirable to potential buyers and tenants!

Spray Insulation Attic Cost

Our talented team are available for free home surveys, and are happy to assess and make recommendations on the suitability of your property for spray foam insulation

Lower Your Bills, Increase Your Efficiency

The seal formed by spray foam insulation protects your home against cold air, and prevents moisture from entering. This therefore reduces the requirement for your radiators to kick in, meaning you use less heating and cooling (and energy) in the home.

People who already have spray foam insulation installed in their home report saving up to 35% on their household energy bills as a result of their new insulation!

In the UK, an average sized home with an average level of energy usage will have made back the initial investment into spray foam insulation within 3 years, as a result of bill savings alone.

The less energy used within a property sealed with spray foam insulation is evident in its energy efficiency, with gradings on Energy Performance Certificates being positively impacted as well.

Promote Healthier Air Quality

Many people have conditions and illnesses irritated or caused by airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, carbon monoxide, damp and smoke.  Spray foam insulation seals off the air within your home to block these passing through and in, encouraging better quality cleaner air indoors.

Air quality in the home is easily compromised by damp and mould, which can have serious consequences to the health of those living there. The seal this product provides is completely water-tight, and will not absorb moisture, or allow damp to form.

Leaks and cool areas remain mould and mildew free, saving you on cleaning and repair bills, as well as keeping the air fresher.

Enlist the Help of the Experts!

Spray foam insulation should not be installed by amateurs or doorstep tradespeople. If applied correctly by an accredited technician, spray foam insulation comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee!

Our talented team are available for free home surveys, and are happy to assess and make recommendations on the suitability of your property for spray foam insulation.

There’s no obligation to purchase, and you’ll never be sold any product or service that isn’t appropriate to your property and circumstances.

Get in touch today and start your journey to a healthier, warmer home and a new attic space, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by clicking the button below!