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Take Entertaining to Another Level with These 7 Dining Room Rugs

Most of us eat our dinner in the kitchen or in front of the telly and the dining room is for special occasions. While that might be true, you want those special occasions to be extra special and a dining room rug can achieve that. You might think that a dining room rug will make little difference to the scheme of the room, when in fact the right rug in the right size and colour can transform a dull room into something that is worth of your gastronomic delights.

7 dining room rugs

Why have a dining room rug?

Some people might question if there is a need for a dining room rug – after all it is likely to be mostly hidden by the table and chairs. However there are plenty of good reasons why it is a great idea.

  • Rugs add visual interest to any room and a dining room is no exception. The fact that the table is centred on a piece of rug, rather than hovering mid-room makes it feel more grounded and permanent.
  • You can match the rug to the curtains or wallpaper to give the room more of a cohesive feel. The rug can be patterned or plain, but will catch the eye – even if the table is in the way.
  • Your rug can add a cosy feel to the room and take the edge off those harsh lines and sharp edges that come from a table.
  • A rug is great for defining a space as a dining area even if that area is in the corner of the kitchen or the living room.
  • The dining table can sometimes disappear from view if it is placed on a wooden floor. The addition of a rug will create separation and show off the table to fuller effect.

7 dining room rugs

What size dining room rug should I have?

There is nothing worse than getting the legs of your chairs caught on the edges of a dining room rug. It makes having a rug annoying and the chairs can feel unstable. The answer to this is to ensure that your rug is large enough to accomodate the table and the chairs – even when they are pushed away from the table. It is recommended that you have a minimum of 60 centimetres all the way around the table.

What are good colours for dining room rugs?

Choosing the right colours can be as simple as matching it to the wall colour or the curtains. But you can also choose a colour that will add a focal point to the room. A splash of colour that is exciting and bold. Wooden chairs and tables work well with warm colours like reds and pinks, while a white table might sit well on a pale blue rug. For simplicity, a natural shade of beige is always good, although you should consider if the rug was to become dirty or stained, if a plain, light coloured shade is a good idea.

7 dining room rugs

7 Rugs Ideas You’ll Love for Your Dining Room

Persian style rugs – these intricately designed rugs are still highly sought after, despite being very traditional. They are usually very well made and can come in a variety of colours, although reds are very common. These rugs are perfect for rectangular dining tables as they often have a clear border that highlights the table and creates a setting for it. As these rugs are often highly detailed, they can overpower a living room, but in a dining room they can become less obvious, yet still a centerpiece to the room.

7 dining room rugs

Sisal or natural fibre rugs – these are created using the rough fibres from plants such as reeds to achieve a soft and textured look. These are incredibly hard wearing and can withstand the effects of years of feet and chairs. The designs are often plain in colour but intricate in the weaving, giving them a modern feel, that is still relaxed and full of character.

7 dining room rugs

Geometric rugs – for an instant mid-century look to your dining room, combine a G-plan style table and chairs with a geometric design rug. The combination is instantly retro and modern. This style is highly popular at the moment and therefore it is easy to find suitable rugs at very reasonable prices. The designed can be bold or muted depending on the way you like your dining room to look.

7 Dining Room Rugs

Floral rugs – flowers are still a popular choice for interior design and are making a big splash on furnishings and in wallpapers. Your rug can also be a part of this. Big bold patterns or smaller, more intricate flower designs are both great in dining rooms. You can pick out one or two colours from the rug to influence your table decorations and flowers within the room. For a very pulled together look you may be able to source a rug that matches with a set of curtains.

7 dining room rugs

Black and white rugs – for an instant contemporary dining room the addition of a black and white graphic rug is perfect. The look is one of sophistication and it will work with a wooden table, a glass table or a table in a contrasting colour. Using a white gloss table with black accessories can be extremely dramatic and exciting and will really wow your dinner guests.

7 dining room rugs

Plain rugs – here is where you can let your imagination run wild, because it is all about colour. You can choose a rug based on colour alone and match it to the decor of the room, to the table, to the lighting choices or make it a bold colour that will stand out within the room. The best thing about a plain rug in the dining room is the way that it isn’t trying to compete with the table, just enhance it. Your table may be a work of art that deserves to be framed, rather than disappearing into the background.

7 dining room rugs

Shaggy rugs – ok, these are for the brave of heart. But if you choose a shaggy rug with a smallish pile, you should be able to look after it fairly easily. Also, choosing a material that can withstand regular washing and vacuuming should mean that it will work under your dining room table. A strong colour will hide stains, while the crumbs that fall to the floor will actually disappear into the pile until they are vacuumed out. That can actually be a bit of a bonus!

7 dining room rugs

Choosing the right materials

The main factor when it comes to the material you choose for your rug is whether it will create an uneven feel while sitting. Thick pile rugs with plenty of texture may look fabulous, but they can cause chair legs to get caught and to wobble. Additionally, getting food out of a deep pile rug can be a nightmare. Choose a carpet that is easy to clean and designed for dining rooms. It will require regular spot cleans so that it isn’t going to look dirty in a hurry makes good sense.

Use your table and chairs as a guide

The thing to bear in mind is that your table may only look good with a certain type of rug underneath it. This means that a traditional table might require a traditional rug, or a wooden table might look best with a particular colour. You don’t want your choice of dining table rug to jar with the type of table you have. Trying to mix and match contemporary style with traditional may backfire and leave the room looking confused.

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