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The Essential Guide To How To Buy Windows Online

Welcome to this ‘How to buy windows online’ guide, in which we walk through the step-by-step process of purchasing windows online. It goes without saying that before any of the steps head, you must accept that you have the need for new windows, and that you’re ready to buy some online.


Step One - Measurements


Take a tape measure and record the height and width of your windows.

Inaccurate data could leave you with windows that are either too big, or too small, and may result in a second order being required.

This will slow down the whole process of installing new windows and is best avoided. Measure from the jambs, not the trim strips, for real accuracy.

If you’re still unsure about how to get the exact measurements for your windows, search for an online guide, or watch a demonstration on YouTube. (coming soon)


Step Two - Getting An Online Quote


Start by selecting your ideal frame colour, which is cheapest when white, and slightly more expensive for stylised frames, like wood grain.

Some prefer a gold or silver handle, or a handle designed to match the frame of the window. These are also available through our online quoting tool.

A basic locking mechanism will usually suffice, though for those who place a high priority on home security, we recommend upgrading for just a few pounds to a tougher lock.

Secondly, select your desired window style (we have 80 to choose from).


After selecting your preferred window style, you will be required to enter your measurements of height and width (in whichever unit you select from the drop down menu), as well as the type of glass and the type of room. This stage is very important for you, the buyer, as a lot of careful thought must be placed into how you want your windows to look and feel.


Many people with older properties don’t like to opt for white UPVC framed windows, as it modernises their properties.

In contrast, those with more contemporary homes shy away from wood grain styles, preferring crisp, clean colours instead.

It’s also important to consider longevity.

Our windows are among the highest quality available, and are incredibly energy efficient; that’s our promise to you, and we will always honour it by delivering the results you desire.

Other sellers are not so careful in design, and this can lead to two main flaws.

The seals might not be tight enough, causing detrimental draughts, that ultimately lead to heat loss.

Moral of the story? Be careful where you purchase your windows from, and bear these things in mind.

guide to how to buy windows online

Step Three - Receive Your Quote

Your quote will display various information that culminates in an estimated price. Firstly, you will see the details you have selected confirmed, such as the room type, frame, glass, width, height and sill.

Your price will be inclusive of: survey, installation, warranty and a compliance certificate as well. Make sure that you arrange for delivery, as it may happen that the company you buy your windows from are based hundreds of miles away, making collection both challenging and expensive.


Step Four - Payment

Payment for your new windows can be made over the internet, via debit card, credit card or PayPal. We offer these secure forms of payment to make the transaction easier, and to avoid the need for cash.

Are you ready to begin the process? Follow us to our online tool…


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