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The Vegan Home: 5 Easy Steps To A Cruelty-Free Home

Luke Conod

Luke Conod

Luke Conod is Managing Director of Buy Jeans and its parent company Denim Nation, providing competitively priced men's jeans and other high-quality clothing from leading international labels.


As the public consensus continues to shift towards a greater ethical consciousness surrounding humanity's relationship with animals, more and more people are beginning to adopt a vegan lifestyle - 600,000 members of the British population, to be precise. Living vegan is no easy feat, though - requiring careful and considered choices in every aspect of your lifestyle.

Today, we’re taking you inside the vegan home to explore how you, too, can take some easy steps to create a greener, cruelty-free home...

Show Some Compassion in Your Fashion

Inside the vegan wardrobe, you’ll find a variety of clothing marked with the Vegan Trademark - the international symbol to signify animal-free manufacturing. 

This by no means comes at the expense of style. On the contrary, you’ll find fashionable alternatives to leather, fur, suede, wool and silk - many of which come from the increasingly common vegan ranges of leading high-street brands - as well as animal-friendly materials found in denim products like men’s jeans and cotton items like ladies’ leggings. Whatever your style, there are easy vegan alternatives to catch the eye of even the keenest fashionista. 

Say ‘No’ to Animal Testing 

Inside the bathroom cabinet of the everyday vegan, you’ll find a large range of animal-friendly beauty products.

With an estimated 100,000 - 200,000 animals suffering and dying at the hands of the cosmetic industry each year, making vegan-friendly choices during your next beauty shop is perhaps the greatest contribution you can make to help reduce animal abuse worldwide. And with leading brands such as Lush bringing these products firmly into the mainstream, going vegan with your beauty regime has never been easier. 


The healthy vegan understands the importance of a well-rounded diet nonetheless, and is sure to fill their cupboard with foods that provide all the nutrients they need. You can take a closer look at the perfect vegan plate right here

Be Aware of Your Cleaning Products 

Underneath the kitchen sink of the vegan activist, you’ll find an ever-expanding range of household cleaning products.

Originally, a large proportion of cleaning products you could find on shop shelves were originally tested on animals, with inhumane practices such as forced exposure to harmful ingredients and chemicals being the norm. Thankfully, more and more of these companies have begun to turn their back on animal testing, turning instead to more recently established, more sophisticated forms of testing, such as cell and tissue cultures.

Make Considered Interior Choices 

As you walk around the vegan home, you’ll observe that only humane materials are used in all parts of the home interior.

These vegan fabrics are gentler and cleaner, meaning they're healthier and more comfortable for you - unlike their animal skin counterparts, which are treated with toxic chemicals that penetrate the skin. So, say goodbye to leather sofas and hello to timeless interior elements like cotton rugs and hemp pillow cases.

Adopt An Ethical, Well-Rounded Diet 

Back in the kitchen, the cupboards of the keen vegan are stocked with all sorts of healthy and nutritious foods.

Naturally, when people adopt the meat-free vegan lifestyle, they begin to eat more fruits and vegetables, and that means enjoying scrumptious meals higher in fibre and lower in saturated fats. 

Following these 5 easy steps will get you moving in the right direction towards a vegan lifestyle, creating an ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable home in the process right here.