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Timber Frame External Wall Insulation

Timber Frame External Wall Insulation

Timber Frame External Wall Insulation

Speed of construction, flexibility and the range of available finishing options has made timber framed buildings more popular than ever before.

Timber frames within your walls will allow you to retain the same traditional appearance of masonry walls, but with added flexibility, in terms of levels of insulation.

They also prove to have the same levels of longevity as traditional brick wall structures.

So is timber frame external wall insulation just as effective? Yes, absolutely! In fact, many would argue that external wall insulation is more necessary for timber frames, than it is for any other material.

Why? Because, if left untreated, and exposed to moisture in the air, timber is extremely vulnerable to rot. The wood must be kept warm and dry to avoid this.

Poor construction may lead to water penetration of your property’s façade. If this reaches the timber frame, you may have major problems on your hands, including, in the worst case scenario, complete structural failure.

What’s the most effective way around this? External wall insulation of course! 

Timber Frame External Wall Insulation

Timber Frame External Wall Coatings

Applying external wall insulating and protective coatings to the outside of your home will prevent any moisture from accessing your home full stop, never mind getting to your framework!

The protective barrier this product provides simply repels water droplets, and does not allow liquid to penetrate the façade of your property. It also repels dirt and debris, whilst helping to reduce the amount of heat lost through your walls.

This will ensure your timber framework remains completely dry and as warm as your interior.

Why is this important? Because heat transfers across materials much easier and much quicker if a material is wet.

This promotes thermal bridging, and allows heat to travel from the interior of your home, to the external atmosphere outside.

By ensuring your façade and overall surroundings are dry, this level of heat transmittance is significantly reduced. This allows you to rely less on your thermostat to keep warm, and reduces your monthly energy bills in the process.

Home Logic Wall Coatings

Here at Home Logic, we pride ourselves on using only the most professional products in all installations, the latest of which is our speciality Home Logic Wall Insulation.

This magnificent product prevents water absorption by over 95%, meaning your timber frame will remain perfectly dry all year round, regardless of the weather outside.

When it comes to timber frame external wall insulation, there really is no better product than this one!

The sprayed-on material settles into your façade almost instantly, creating an invisible barrier up to 17mm thick, within your exterior walls.

Utilising the latest Nano technology, the barrier simply repels water as if it wasn’t even there-performing for the life of your building!

That’s right – Home Logic Wall Insulation lasts for up to 20 years! That’s two decades’ worth of insulating quality you won’t find elsewhere.

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Book a free site survey today to obtain a no-obligation quote, and see how we can also help you and your property benefit from external wall coatings.

Our friendly team of insulation specialists are more than happy to assist and provide professional advice wherever it is required.