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Top 10 Best Plants For A South Facing Conservatory

plants for a south facing conservatory

Conservatories have that wonderful ability to bring a taste of the outdoors, indoors. One of the best ways to make the most of your unique conservatory environment, is to transform the space into a plant haven.

South facing conservatories have the fantastic benefit of capturing light and heat, throughout most of the year. They are warmer and often brighter than most other conservatory orientations.

However, most conservatory spaces aren’t well-known for maintaining a consistent temperature, with temperature extremeslikely as Summer shifts into Winter and vice versa.

Due to this environment, you have to be a little careful with your choice of plants for a south facing conservatory.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get incredibly creative with the types of plants that you choose though. From small plants to large plants, and even fruits, you can really make the most of a versatile conservatory space.

Stuck for which plants will thrive in your south facing conservatory space? Take a look at our top 10 picks for the ultimate conservatory space transformation!

Sun Seeking Plant No.1: Agrave Filifera

Agrave is a small but highly interesting plant choice for a conservatory space.

For most of the year, the solid and spiny leaves give the agrave filifera it’s unique appeal, but during the Summer months, the plant flowers and truly comes to life.

Sun Seeking Plant No.2: Pelargonium

Another small plant, pelargonium is available in a vast range of colours and varieties. From hot pink flowers to breath-taking red, this plant is a wonderful choice for conservatories that need a burst of colour.

Depending on the variety of pelargonium that you choose, the affect will be very different. The pelargonium radula flowers in Summer with the leaves having a rose and citrus scent, while the pelargonium rodomont flowers in Autumn and Summer with beautifully vibrant flowers.


Sun Seeking Plant No.3: Zebrina

Zebrina thrives in environments with full sun as well as those with partial shade.

The leaves have a wonderful colouring, ideal for adding a touch of uniqueness to your space, while the flowers have three beautiful purple and rose-coloured petals.

Sun Seeking Plant No.4: Clivia Miniata

Clivia miniata, also known as the natal lily, features stunning flowers in a tubular shape, and do well in sheltered environments.

The eye-catching orange and yellow flowers appear in spring and summer.

Sun Seeking Plant No.5: Crassula Ovata

There are few south facing conservatory plants more eye-catching than the crassula ovata, known also as the friendship tree.

The plant thrives in full sun, with beautiful white flowers appearing in the summer.

Sun Seeking Plant No.6: Hedera

The different hedera varieties of ivy may not be the first plant types that come to mind when you think of conservatory spaces, but they can make a wonderful addition to any indoor space.

There are multiple shades of hedera that you can choose from, with the option of a climbing ivy or a compact non-climbing ivy.

Sun Seeking Plant No.7: Solenostemon

Solenostemon can be subtle or vibrant, with plenty of varieties to choose from for your south facing conservatory space.

The breath-taking China rose solenostemon will fill your conservatory with colour thanks to the bright pink leaves, while the pineapplette solenostemon is subtler with green and yellow leaves.

plants for a south facing conservatory

Sun Seeking Plant No.8: Persea Americana

More commonly known as the avocado plant, persea americana has the benefit of being a beautiful evergreen shrub, that also delivers delicious fruit.

If you’re after something a little different for your conservatory space, by growing one of the most popular fruits in the world, an avocado plant could be a winning choice.

Sun Seeking Plant No.9: Phoenix Canariensis

Phoenix canariensis is a wonderful evergreen palm that features long green leaves, drooping flowers, and fruits.

A great choice for a larger conservatory space, with the plant capable of growing up to 12 metres.

Sun Seeking Plant No.10: Echeveria Agavoides

Echeveria agavoides are stunning plants with beautiful unique flowers that bloom in spring and summer.

Capable of growing up to 0.5 metres, echeveria agavoides have wonderfully unique leaves that make them a great year-round plant choice.

South Facing Conservatory Too Warm? Here’s the Solution!

While the enclosed space and beautiful warm temperature of a south facing conservatory make it an ideal location to grow plants, in many cases, the temperature extremes can get too much.

If you’re worried about plants in your south facing conservatory, then thankfully, there is a solution.

For better temperature regulation, and a more enjoyable environment for you and the plants you choose, conservatory insulation is a fantastic way to optimise your space.

Conservatory insulation, attached to the roof of your conservatory, offers the benefits of glare elimination, heat regulation, and condensation prevention.

With conservatory insulation, your plants still receive all the natural light and heat they need to thrive, without you having to worry about your conservatory turning into a furnace in the summer, and an ice-box in the Winter.

Excited to see how you can transform your conservatory space with indoor plants and high-quality conservatory insulation? Give Home Logic a call today on 0800 1700 636, and start the ball rolling towards your own unique plant haven. Simply click the button below to get started today!