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Top 10 Ideas for Conservatory Use All Year Round

top 10 conservatory uses living space

You’ve always wanted a conservatory. Now you have one, you’re really unsure what to use the additional space for. It’s a very common predicament that is experienced after homeowners buy a new property with a conservatory for the first time, or for those who have one built from scratch.

To help you make the very most out of this valuable space in the home, here are the top ten ways to use a conservatory, as decided by conservatory owners like yourself!

Top Ten Ways to Use a Conservatory

top 10 ideas for conservatory use all year round

A Dining Room with a View

This option is ideal for those who enjoy fine dining, or eating together as a family. If you love nothing more than laying a table, and creating delicious feasts, we recommend choosing this option.

Many dining rooms are quite dark, and they can feel quite oppressive. A conservatory makes a wonderful dining area thanks to the natural light and the views from the windows. Enjoy bright morning wake ups with fresh cups of coffee and croissants, and entertain family and friends as day turns to dusk.

Increase Your Living Space

Open plan living is a trend that proves perennially popular. No longer are we restricted by small rooms; we can now spread out and enjoy a flow of energy that only comes from open plan spaces.

Many homeowners use their conservatory to create the feeling of open space in the home. It’s one of the top ten ways to use a conservatory that remains flexible to the needs of the family. Need more room for toys? No problem. Want to create a quite reading nook? You’ve got it.

top 10 ideas for conservatory use

Escaping the Digital World

Modern lives are hectic and stressful. We are constantly staring at screens, whether at work or at play. Many conservatory owners like to switch off and escape the digital world by creating on-off grid space.

Keep all gadgets out of the conservatory, add some comfortable chairs and a stylish table, and you have a sanctuary all of your own. Add to the theme of the space by choosing rustic interiors and exposing the interior brick walls.

Green Finger Heaven

Do you spend hours in your garden, tending to your plants, flowers and home grown produce? If you do, this will probably be your favourite of all the top ten ways to use a conservatory.

By creating a glorious, garden room, you’re designating a place to sit back and admire all your hard work in total comfort. Bliss!

Relax with a cup of tea and scone, and watch the birds and the bees appreciate all of your effort. Bring the outside indoors with conservatory friendly plants to pull the room together.

top 10 ideas for conservatory use all year round

top 10 ideas for conservatory use

And There’s More!…

Frustrated with Your Kitchen?

Another popular selection in the top ten ways to use a conservatory is a kitchen expansion. This is an excellent option if you’re having a conservatory built rather than inheriting one that’s already built.

However, some homeowners benefit from moving their entire kitchen into the conservatory, as it offers a larger space. It can take a lot of work, but the end result can be outstanding, and even increase the value of your home overall.

The Utility Room of Your Dreams

If turning the conservatory into a kitchen or an extension of your kitchen is not possible, this is a popular plan B.

The space can easily turn into a glorious utility room, with easy to clean tiling on the floor and the addition of sideboards, useful cupboards and white goods.

The Artist’s Den

You cannot beat the light in a conservatory. Natural light is ideal when flexing your creative juices.

Fill the space full of your artist materials, a table, chair and an easel or two and you have a stunning artist studio to use whenever creativity strikes. You’ll have plenty to inspire your creations thanks to the big windows.

Top 10 Ideas for Conservatory Use All Year Round

top 10 ideas for conservatory to use all year round

The Home Gym

Probably the healthiest option out of all the top ten ways to use a conservatory is the installation of a home gym. Don’t worry about trying to drag yourself off to the gym; you’ll have one at home, so no more excuses!

The addition of a treadmill, a balance ball, some kettle weights and a yoga mat can transform the room and your fitness levels beyond compare.

The Playroom

Are you constantly tripping over toys? Children come with boundless energy, which inevitably means that puzzles and games are often left hanging around the living room. Remove this problem by giving the kids their very own playroom.

It’s so much easier to relax and enjoy grownup time at the end of a busy day if your floor isn’t littered with loud plastic gadgets.

The Library

The final of the top ten ways to use a conservatory is a must for all the book lovers out there. A comfy chair, complemented by classic book cases and a coffee table, is all you need to get some well-deserved r and r. In fact, you might not even need the book cases if you have a Kindle!

Snuggle down with a glass of your favourite tipple and the must read book of the season. It’s almost too good to be true.

top 10 ideas for conservatory use

Take Back Control of Your Comfort!

There are countless conservatories that end up being neglected for most of the year. Some homeowners have a hard time getting the temperature levels right. The Summers are too hot, and the Autumns and Winters too cold.

Thankfully, Home Logic conservatory insulation provides an affordable solution, that helps you to enjoy the space in any and more of the top ten ways to use a conservatory suggested above.

Insulate Your Conservatory for Year-Round Use

Insulation stops 91% of heat in your conservatory space from escaping out of the roof. That means you’re able to be comfortable, even when the sun goes down, and unwelcome Winter sets in.

You can turn the conservatory into a dining room, a gym or even an office, and make full use of the space throughout the entire year. There are no more time limits caused by cold, wet days or heat waves.

Not only are you able to make use of the room, thanks to a lack of heat loss, you’ll also benefit in many other ways as well.

Benefits of Using Home Logic Conservatory Insulation

If you want to be sure you’re making a good investment, we thought we would share some of the main advantages of choosing Home Logic Conservatory Insulation.

The insulation is basically a blanket that wraps up your conservatory, providing full vapour control, but that’s not all.

top 10 ideas for conservatory use

Here are several more benefits to bear in mind:

  • The insulation stops heat escaping in the Autumn and Winter, and keeps the room cool in the Summer.
  • You could always tear down your conservatory, and install a new build one instead, but insulation can cost up to 50% less than this more drastic option.
  • Condensation needn’t be a concern, as the layers of insulation work to prevent a build up of damp.
  • There’s no need to apply for planning permission. Once you decide to go ahead you can start. Within no time at all, the room will be usable all year round.
  • The comfort level of your home increases. The conservatory will be suitable to use in any of way you see fit. The weather outside will not impact how you feel in the room.
  • Don’t panic about the sun fading your furniture or favourite paintings. Home Logic conservatory insulation adds anti fade protection, thanks to the layers of aluminium, foam, air pockets and wadding that make up the insulation.
  • If you wish to use the space as an office, you can, without worrying about eye strain. Our insulation eliminates glare from the moment it’s installed.
  • Reduce the cost of heating your conservatory during the colder months. Heat will no longer escape at the same rate, meaning it will cost you a lot less in energy bills.

Why Choose Home Logic Conservatory Insulation?

We have over 30 years’ experience in providing home insulation services. We are trusted, experienced and skilled, providing excellent results, guaranteed.

Our specialist insulation team will establish your needs, share the benefits of using our specialist conservatory insulation, and ensure pristine installation on every occasion.

We are dedicated to providing top quality energy saving solutions with our home insulation services.  The Home Logic conservatory insulation system is of the highest quality, and we provide a superior standard of service before, during and after installation-you deserve no less than the best.

Request More Information from Home Logic

Are you keen to make the most out of your new or old conservatory? There are far too many neglected conservatories out there. The experts at Home Logic are on hand to help you discover the benefits of Home Logic conservatory insulation, and reclaim your room as a result!

All you need to do is contact us by calling: 0800 1700 636, or emailing: survey@homelogic.co.uk. We’re more than happy to answer your questions, and provide you with a free, no obligation home survey.

Take back control of your comfort once and for all, with Home Logic conservatory insulation. Have we inspired the interior designer in you with our top ten ways to use a conservatory? We certainly hope so!