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Top 4 Types of Sliding Windows For Total Transformation

types of sliding windows

The opportunity to choose a new window doesn’t come around very often. Its understandable that when the time finally arrives to update the windows on your home, that you want to get a good idea of what’s on offer, instead of making a hasty decision.

Giving the exterior of your property the wow factor is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, and there are few better ways to achieve the ultimate wow factor than with new windows.

The types of sliding windows available have the potential to deliver a stunning curb-side appeal, but how do you know which one to go for?

The following guide aims to point your project in the right direction-in terms of style, security and efficiency…

What Types of Sliding Window Are Available?

Windows quite literally come in all shapes and sizes, with countless different functions to choose from. You could go for floor to ceiling windows, classic casement windows, beautiful tilt and turn windows, or, like many homeowners, be won over by the charms of sliding windows.

You can customise and enhance the types of sliding windows in many ways, but there are four main types of sliding windowsthat you can choose to start you off on the right foot; horizontal single and double, and vertical single and double.

Horizontal Single Sliding Window

Horizontal sliding windows are what a lot of people think of when considering the types of sliding windows.

A single sliding window is where only one pane of glass moves, and the other remains stationary.

Horizontal Double Sliding Window

A double horizontal sliding window is where two panes of glass are able to move within the system.

This commonly means that you can choose which of the panes to have open, and which to have closed, with the panes overlapping.

Vertical Single Sliding Window

Commonly referred to as a single-hung window, a vertical single sliding window will either open upwards or downwards.

In a single vertical sliding window, only one pane of glass will be able to move; normally this is the bottom pane.

Vertical Double Sliding Window

Also known as a double-hung window, a vertical double sliding window has two panes of glass that are able to move. The bottom pane will generally move upwards while the top pane will move downwards.

It’s also possible for double-hung windows to come with a tilting function, to make them much easier to clean.

types of sliding windows

If you can readily envision a sliding window in your home, whether throughout your house or as a statement addition to your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, then the next thing you’ll likely want to know is whether it’s possible to have one installed

Choosing the Best Material for Your New Sliding Window

The types of sliding windows don’t just stop at the main functionality, there is a lot more that defines a window than its main design. The type of material that you pick for your windows will determine just how well it’s going to suit your home, and how well it’s going to perform.

Vinyl is one of the most popular choices amongst the types of sliding windows. Chosen for it’s durability, low maintenance, security, and energy-efficiency, to name just a few benefits of vinyl frames, it has proven to be a top choice for many UK homes.

Boost Your Energy Efficiency with Triple-Glazing

The ways to get creative with your windows are near endless, but for a window to truly become a stunning property feature, it needs to have high-quality glazing.

This can make all the difference between a type of sliding window that is built to last, and one that is just not going to perform as it has the potential to.

Double or triple-glazing are two of the most popular choices for new windows; with triple-glazing offering a step-up performance-wise. Choosing a type of sliding window with triple-glazing means that your windows will be better equipped to keep the cold out and keep the heat in.

The increase in energy-efficiency is on top of an increase in security, sound insulation, and a reduction in the maintenance requirements of your sliding windows.

Is It Possible to Fit a Sliding Window in My Home?

If you can readily envision a sliding window in your home, whether throughout your house or as a statement addition to your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, then the next thing you’ll likely want to know is whether it’s possible to have one installed.

At Home Logic, we specialise in all manner of home transformations, including revitalising properties with the best windows on the market.

If you want to upgrade your windows with sliding windows, or any other type of window, then we’ll work with you to find a design that truly works with the character of your home.

Upgrade your glazing the easy way, by investing in stunning new sliding windows. Take the first step to enhancing your property’s exterior day, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!