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Top 5 Benefits of Semi Detached House Extension

semi detached house extension

Investing in a semi detached house extension is one of those major property investments with the potential to completely change your living environment. But is an extension really worth the upheaval, and how is your home going to benefit?

Extending a semi detached house has a number of benefits, both to those homeowners looking to better equip their home for differing needs, and those that want the most return when they put their property on the market.

In our guide to the benefits of extensions on this specific type of property we look at what investing in an extension can offer your family, and what you need to remember when extending your home:

The Top 5 House Extension Benefits

Every property has limitless potential, and an extension is just one type of home improvement that has the ability to see that potential realised.

Our list of the top 5 benefits to a semi detached house extension looks at the main reasons why people extend their semi detached home, and where the most value lies in doing so.

Benefit One: Increased Property Value

The first benefit, and a big one, surrounds the potential increase in value that an extension can offer a property.

On average, a quality extension can add around £33,000 to the value of a property. This comes in part from making the property more appealing, but also from furthering the practicality of the home for a number of different needs.

Benefit Two: Creates a More Attractive Property

Kerb-appeal is everything these days when it comes to selling a property. If you want to attract a buyer that’s willing to make an offer, your property needs that unique charm that makes it feel like a home, but also that allows others to envision it as their very own residence as well.

There are so many creative ideas for home extensions that you can explore which can really realise the potential of extension.

Benefit Three: More Floor Space to Enjoy

This is a benefit that the whole family can enjoy, but also one that really is going to work in your favour when it comes time to sell. More space translates into more potential – whether you want a bigger kitchen, more bedrooms, or even a home study or playroom.

You can open up your property, bring in more light, and really revitalise the space.

Benefit Four: No Need to Move to A New House

Growing families or changing needs as you get older can turn the perfect property into one that simply doesn’t meet your needs anymore.

If you need a larger bathroom, room for specialist equipment, more space to get around, or extra room for a growing family, then it can feel like moving to a new house is the only option. An extension offers that freedom of turning your beloved home into the right home for your current needs.

Benefit Five: The Ability to Enhance Your Living Environment

One of the best benefits of a house extension is the ability to enhance the environment that you live in. It is sadly a reality that semi detached homes can feel a bit cramped and dark, in certain styles of property.

A house extension addresses this perfectly, giving you the ability to connect the outside with the inside and truly give your home a thoroughly modern make-over.

semi detached house extension

If you want a bright an airy extension that is going to be secure, and save you money on your heating bills, the right window choice is essential

What Do I Need to Remember Before Extending My House?

While the benefits of an extension are plentiful, there are a couple things that you need to bear in mind when extending your property.

Two of the most important of these are the windows and the doors that you choose – essentially, your light and security.

Invest in Energy-Saving Triple Glazed Windows

You want that new extension to be just as energy-efficient, secure, and beautiful as the rest of your home, which is why an investment in energy-saving triple glazing is so important.

Modern windows deliver modern practicality, with low maintenance and enhanced features; like energy-saving technology, strong and durable design, and timeless style in a vast range of designs.

Ensure Your Home Is Secure with Composite Doors

Every secure family home needs a secure door, and your extension is no different. If you truly want to turn that new extension into part of your home, you need a door that is going to look fantastic but also perform exceptionally.

There is no benefit in turning the back of your home into a fabulous living space, if it’s going to be a security weak point. Composite doors are a top choice for any home; offering that perfect combination of strength, style, and thermal efficiency.

Home Logic – Your Go to Service for Home Transformations

An extension on a semi detached property can be a true home transformation, which is exactly what we specialise in here at Home Logic.

We have helped customers all over the UK give their home’s that essential revitalisation that ensures they continue being secure, practical, and energy-efficient, for years to come.

Whether you want to boost your energy-efficiency with top of the range energy-saving triple glazing or invest in a beautiful new door that is designed to keep your property secure, our team are on hand to help. Call us direct on 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below to get in touch with the experts today!