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Spray Foam Insulation

Top Sound Insulation Materials

Top Sound Insulation Materials

Brief article on the top sound insulation materials are best suited for your property, and some information on the main causes of noise complaints through lack of soundproofing your property.

About Sound Insulation Materials

Sound insulation is used for a number of reason, if you are trying to keep your workplace or home environment sound proof then there are a number of different types of insulation to choose from. Whether you are trying to keep out exterior noise from traffic, are getting complaints from neighbours or just want more privacy, there are plenty of sound insulation materials on the market to suit your home needs.

Different sound insulation materials are needed for different properties, by reading our top 5 sound insulating materials you can get a better idea into what will suit your home.

The 5 Top Sound Insulation Materials

LogicFoam Spray Foam Insulation

LogicFoam Sound Insulation Top Sound Insulation Materials

LogicFoam is a modern and efficient spray foam insulation which is designed for homeowners and commercial properties. It works by being sprayed into areas in your home where it then expands to up to 100x its size, ensuring that air tightness is achieved.

LogicFoam virtually eliminates sound as it’s doesn’t allow a passage for it to travel through! It’s not just a sound insulation material either, LogicFoam has been known to improve air quality in your home and reduce energy bills in the home.

Adhesive Foam Insulation Tiles

acoustic insulation tiles Top Sound Insulation Materials

For your more basic needs, adhesive foam tiles work as a great sound insulation material for smaller noise transmissions such as noise from a child’s bedroom or the laundry room (If you have a noisy washing machine or tumble dryer).

These acoustic foam grade tiles are CNC cut 25kg / m3 high density foam which has an open cell structure giving optimum acoustic performance.



Quiet floor is a quick and easy way to reduce any noise that travels through floors. An example of issues with this are people living or walking about you in your home, there is nothing more frustrating than lying in bed on a Saturday morning to be distracted by upstairs stomping around. 

Quietfloor is designed to improve both impact and airborne noise through floors and is suitable for underneath carpets, laminate flooring or manufactured wood flooring.

Soundproof Paint


Soundproof paint is the DIY option for soundproofing. It has been regarded as a bit of a myth before but as technology has evolved it has been proven to be an effective sound insulation material. 

However, at around 30 thousandths of an inch think, its ability to keep sound out has its limits so it is probably a better idea to go for something that is thicker!

Soundproof Curtains


An alternative option, soundproof curtains are composed of quilted fibreglass or Rockwool insulation which create a think, rigid texture.

They are usually hung on frames so they can be moved around from location to location or you can get them mounted on a traditional curtain rail.


Sound insulation is needed for a variety of reasons, especially in the home where it has many other benefits. Mainly it’s used to reduce noise leaving or entering the property.  We received data showing some of the most common needs for sound insulation materials in the home.

Noisy Neighbours

Whether you’re the noisy one of your neighbours are making the noise, it can cause problems for both parties. No one wants to have their neighbours banging on the door at night whilst your trying to watch TV. enjoy some time with friends, or even play an instrument.

Of course you can try talking with your neighbour to resolve these issues, but more than likely investing in sound insulation materials is likely to solve the issue.

Nightlife and Events

Many people living in built up areas tend to suffer from late night noise from drunk residents stumbling home.

There is nothing worse than having to be up early for work and being woken up by the local drunks kicking over the bins for the next morning’s bin collection. You can solve this problem by investing in sound insulation.

Barking Dogs, Burglar and Car Alarms

Intrusive, loud and can go off any time of the day and night. Of course when you hear these go off they are doing their job but when you are repeatedly waking up your neighbour in the middle of the night it can cause problems.

Need a quote on sound insulation for your property?

We have over 35 years combined industry in the insulation market and are well reputed throughout the industry. 

We hope we answered your query on the top sound insulation materials in the market. If you have any further questions, or want to speak to an expert request a free quote give us a call today on 0800 1700 636,and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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