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Top Tips for Insulating Your Home

top tips for insulating your home

There is an abundance of reasons why you should definitely consider looking at tips for insulating your home, the first reason being the amount of money you could save on your energy bills! As is common in science, heat tends to rise, with the desire to escape via any gap it can find!

It’s important to remember that a poorly or non-insulated roof could lead to heat loss of up to 25%.

And that’s just through the roof; we’ve not even mentioned the heat that we naturally lose through places like the windows! Do you find yourself in this predicament? Would you like a solution? Look no further! Allow us to take you through the top tips for insulating your home long-term!

Get the Job Done with Spray Foam

The process for actually insulating your home is remarkably straightforward. As mentioned above, the loft is a real inconvenience for heat loss, so it makes perfect sense to start there.

In addition to this, building regulations in the UK state that every property must have a minimum insulation depth of 270mm. This regulation is in place to maintain a level of protection that is appropriate for a property’s occupants, as well as guaranteeing total thermal efficiency within your home.

In other words, you will be following our tips for insulating your home effectively and more importantly – legally!

Here at Home Logic, we recommend Home Logic Spray Foam as an insulation method, as we believe it is the most effective product on the market. If you want evidence of such a bold statement, then carry on reading!

We simply apply the spray foam using a range of high-specification hoses, and once applied, it expands and hardens immediately on impact. This expansion can increase up to 100 times the application size, meaning a simple spray can turn into a complete thermal insulation blanket.

The Many Benefits of Home Logic Spray Foam

Total Blanket Protection

Possibly the most important benefit of spray foam insulation is the ability to fit itself in the tightest of spaces. During the application process, there really is no need to get up close and personal to the application area.

Although just pointing a hose at a wall may seem nonchalant, rest assured the spray foam is doing all the work for us. Because of the foam’s ability to find all the nooks and crannies, every inch of the application area is adequately covered.

It’s All in the Thermals

As mentioned before, the thermal performance that spray foam insulation provides is remarkable, meaning that more money is saved. Ever come to the conclusion that you’re spending too much money on energy? Well here is the best place to begin your saving spree!

The journey to following our tips for insulating your home always starts with thermal efficiency.

Taking a look at the current market, it is difficult to find an insulation product that provides the same level of thermal performance improvement, which is why we stick to our guns with Home Logic Spray Foam!

What we adore about this product is that it doesn’t bow down to erosion over time, and withstands even the most extreme of British weathers.

We Can All Breathe Easier

It is vital that a property has the ability to breathe when insulated. So if your home is protected by the elements, yet still allows water vapour to leave – that’s one happy home you’ve got!

It means that you’ll be following the tips for insulating your home! If not, Home Logic Spray Foam ticks all the boxes, by doing just that!

Even More Brilliant Benefits…

Soundproofing Qualities

A well-insulated house will protect itself from outer noise pollution, which removes the noise from outside, and improves the internal acoustics. You can watch your TV in surround sound – in peace!

Home Logic Spray Foam offers a protective noise pollution barrier, which is essential for homeowners on busy main roads.

Toxin and Chemical Free

Home Logic Spray Foam is proud to possess no harmful chemicals. Not only is it safe for us to install, it’s also safe for you breathe in and be around. This wasn’t always the case, especially during the era of fibreglass insulation!

Rest assured, your insulation is completely safe and the benefits will soon be reaped!

Eco-Friendly Option

As already mentioned, our product poses no health risks, and is therefore deemed environmentally friendly. This is good news not only for you, but your neighbours as well.

We are living in times where every day we are advised to do our bit to reduce our own personal carbon footprint, and Home Logic Spray Foam will help you do just that.

If everyone on your street was to have our product installed in their homes, and recommended us to their friends and family – the difference we could make could be crucial for the lives of future generations to come.

Fire Safety Features

The following doesn’t apply to just our product, but any product that is to be installed in a property. Flame retardant materials are paramount for ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Home Logic Spray Foam contains substances that are just that, which means that in the unfortunate case of a fire, your home will suffer no further structural damage. This is an important step in making sure you’re checking off the tips for insulating your home.

Should you use non-fire proof materials in places such as your loft it could be catastrophic in the event of a fire, so don’t put your family in jeopardy!

Save Cash Over Time

This revolutionary insulation method means that you could save up to an estimated 35% on your overall heating costs, which could mean quite a bit of cash could be making its way back to your pocket in no time!

This is great news in the current economical period, where energy prices continue to rise – much like heat in an un-insulated roof!

Home Logic Spray Foam is known to be one of the most economically viable products on the market and with such a product, you can say goodbye to manual heating appliances. This applies to the Summer weather as well – there’s no need for air conditioning units, either.


Roof Insulating System for the Conservatory

Everybody wants a good conversation starter, whether it be when meeting a potential partner for the first time, or to break the ice at a family get-together. Here’s one for you – how about the fact that you could have an insulation system in your conservatory that was used in space? You heard right!

The concept of multi-foil insulation was utilised by NASA on the Apollo space missions to ensure a high level of protection for the ship and astronauts.

The Conservatory Insulation System consists of layers of air pockets, aluminium, padding and foam. Mix all that together, and you have a blanket of protection and insulation! This is sealed into place with the use of ThermaSeal Insulation tape.

Once this process is complete, you have a conservatory which is cool during the Summer, and warm during Winter. Similar to Home Logic Spray Foam, it prevents condensation issues, such as damp and mould. To top all this off – you don’t need planning permission to do it!

The Best Bits About Home Logic Conservatory Roof Insulation

  • No need to build or purchase a new roof!
  • Prevent heat loss by up to 91%!
  • No paranoia surrounding condensation problems
  • You can do it without asking anybody – no need for prior permission
  • Make the conservatory a long-standing, habitable living area
  • Sun-glare becomes a thing of the past!
  • Your furniture won’t fade over time

The Importance of External Wall Insulation

Home Logic Wall Insulation is a revolutionary product in the way it’s manufactured and applied. It helps the brickwork keep out water and other elements, whilst constructing a transparent barrier up to 17mm deep.

With Home Logic Wall Insulation, you can prevent water absorption by up to 95%. Furthermore, with our 20 year guarantee, you can be assured your home is protected for years to come. This then becomes the final step in our tips for insulating your home!

Water-Tight Prevention from Heat Loss

It is important to remember that external wall insulation is an extremely cost-effective method to heatproof your home. With the ability to reduce heat loss, you turn your walls into a more efficient thermal conductor.

Wet substances transfer heat much more effectively than dry, cold substances – so an insulated external wall will create a water-tight barrier.

Home Logic Wall Insulation Advantages

  1. Turn your home into a studio with soundproof acoustics!
  2. Lower the risk of condensation issues
  3. Your home becomes more energy efficient and self-reliant
  4. Keep the British elements from attacking your foundations

Do Not Hesitate to Get in Touch!

These have been our tips for insulating your home – but now we want to hear from you! Whether you’re clear headed about going forward, or still have questions to ask regarding insulation, we want to hear from you!

If you are happy to take your home into a new era of thermal efficiency, you can receive a bespoke list of benefits by booking a free site survey, and also gain a free, no-obligation quote for any of the insulation services we offer.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 1700 636, and speak to one of our trusted advisors about more top tips for insulating your home.