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Transom Windows Above Interior Doors: A Worthwhile Investment?

Transom Windows Above Interior Doors: A Worthwhile Investment?

A transom, in the architectural world, is a beam that’s installed above a door to separate it from a window. A transom window is the entire window structure installed above the door. 

Transom windows are a common addition to many homes, with the accent window bringing quite a unique aesthetic appeal to entryways. 

There is certainly some charm in decorating your door with a transom window, but are transom windows above interior doors a worthy investment? Let’s find out…

What Are the Benefits of Transom Windows?

Transom windows can be designed in many ways, with fan-shaped windows and rectangular windows being very popular. The architectural addition can be installed in interior doors and exterior doors and consist of clear or stained glass.

Here are a selection of the main benefits of transom windows for interior doors:

  • Increased Light – Having a transom installed will increase the amount of natural light that filters into a room. This can be a great benefit anywhere in the house, but particularly in rooms that have a low amount of light naturally. 
  • Extra Ventilation – Not all transom windows are functional, but those that are allow you to increase the ventilation around your home without having to open the doors. Having a transom in the bathroom or kitchen can help to keep the air fresh and stop moisture from building up.
  • Improved Aesthetics – As a decorative feature, transom windows can turn a standard door into a feature. If you’re looking to enhance a dull entryway, then a transom window can be very effective.
  • Multiple Design Options – The ability to customise the design of transom windows means that they can be designed to fit the décor of almost any room. They can look traditional or modern and can be coloured to fit different interior colour schemes. 

Transom Windows Above Interior Doors: A Worthwhile Investment?

If you come across a potential buyer that can appreciate the subtle beauty of a transom window, then it could even add some value to your property, but really this investment is more about your personal taste

Are Transom Windows Worth it?

On the exterior of a property, transom windows that haven’t been reinforced can be a security problem, but on the interior of a property, that’s not so much of a concern. 

However, the benefits of an interior transom windows are not as prominent as exterior transom windows. You don’t get the benefit of increased views, and the benefits of better ventilation and increased light are somewhat limited.

So, is a transom window a worthwhile investment? 

The biggest benefit of an interior transom window is its aesthetic appeal, so if you want to create a beautiful interior feature, then it can be a very good investment. 

What About Other Decorative Window and Door Options?

A transom window is not your only option to bring light into your interior rooms, there are a vast range of other door and window types out there that contain glass and are strong and good-looking.

You could opt for a stunning composite door with a central, top, or side panel of glazing. These doors are exceptional for home security, are striking with beautiful colours, and come with traditional or modern window options. 

Transom Windows Above Interior Doors: A Worthwhile Investment?

Alternatively, you could increase the quantity of glass with a bi-fold door or French door, two options that guarantee plenty of light, look beautiful, and are highly functional in most spaces

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