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Tyne and Wear Icynene Insulation

spray foam Tyne and Wear Icynene Insulation

Do you want an efficient way to save money on your energy bills? At Home Logic, we have the ideal home-improvement method for you. Our Tyne and Wear Icynene Insulation spray functions as an eco-friendly, energy-saving solution for your home.

If you are losing money on your heating bills, then our technicians will use their knowledge to find the finest processes to protect your home and improve your insulation.

How does Icynene Insulation work?

Our Tyne and Wear Icynene insulation method is an innovative technique that will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Icynene insulation is applied as a spray. The foam will seep into the roofs, ceilings, walls and floors of your property that no other insulation method can reach. When we inject our Icynene solution, it will expand and rapidly fill all the cavities in the construction. Once it has filled every gap, it solidifies to create a hardened barrier against cold and, furthermore, strengthens the structure of your home.

Benefits of our Tyne and Wear Icynene Insulation

Don’t let your family go cold, install our Icynene insulation in the Tyne and Wear area and find out the many assets you will gain from our effective thermal insulation technique. When you install Icynene spray foam to your property, you will be taking advantage of the following benefits:

Easy installation

Our experienced team of technicians are professionals in the industry. We have applied Icynene insulation to a multitude of properties, commercial and domestic alike. On its application, the expansion of the foam solution will result in a simple installation process. We guarantee that no gaps will be left uncovered when we apply thermal spray foam insulation to your property.

Reduced energy bills

Are you spending too much on your energy bills? At Home Logic, we recommend that you apply our Icynene insulation spray to your home in Tyne and Wear. The solidification of the spray foam will form a protective seal against any escaped heat. Icynene insulation has become a cost-effective addition to a multitude of properties that will prevent you from spending unnecessary amounts on your energy bills.

Improved health

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

  • Shortness of breath
  • Asthma
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • A sore throat

When your property is cold, there is an increased susceptibility to the allergens and bacteria in the air that can cause illness. Our insulation method has proven to prevent harmful airborne pollutants from entering your property and create a healthier environment.

Advanced structural security

The strength of our Icynene Insulation in Tyne and Wear will enhance the structural integrity of your home. The foam hardens and strengthens the construction of your property to provide a secure and protective framework.

Why choose Home Logic?

With a combination of 35 years in the industry, we, at Home Logic, will provide the most innovative technology in home improvements. Our professional team will help to provide you with an effective solution to safeguarding your home. With Home Logic, you will be given a specialised service that is testified by the following features:

  • 25-year manufacturer warranty
  • Accredited by FENSA
  • Certified by Stroma
  • Expert technicians
  • Green Deal Approved
  • Fully qualified Icynene installers
  • Professional installations

Home Logic will provide Icynene Insulation foundations that will protect your property in Tyne and Wear. To find out more, send an email to info@homelogic.co.uk, or call us directly on 0800 1700 636.