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uPVC Bay Windows Hampshire

bay windows Hampshire

Projecting out from your property`s interior, bay windows Hampshire services provide the ultimate extension to your space.

This bespoke style of window can create a focal point for the room, with the distinguished designs on offer allowing for full customisation.

Although at the upper end of the price scale, uPVC bay windows can increase the resale value of a home, making them an ideal investment for property owners who are aiming to upgrade their home.

So what exactly are bay windows?

In comparison to casement windows, and their flat, functional design,  bay windows are as three dimensional as it gets, combining several glass panels and framework to extend outwards from a chosen wall.

Once installed, the area under the window can be transformed into a window seat, with designated room for storage when space is at a premium.

Due to their expansive glass panelling design, you can benefit from sweeping views of the garden, with the addition of a retractable blind to provide personal privacy when needed.

What styles are there to choose from?

When it comes to bay window designs, the choices are practically endless, enabling you to match your style to your home, and the room`s interior aesthetics.

Although other configurations are available, bay window styles typically fall into one of three categories, including:

Option 1: Bow Windows:

Exhibiting a slightly curved design, bow windows incorporate four to five panes on average.

This allows ample light to filter through and flood the interior space.

Option 2: Box Windows:

Like their namesake, box windows feature a notably “squared-off" design, incorporating several flat sides and a distinctive flat frontage.

Option 3: Circle Bay Windows:

Spherical in shape and style, circle bay windows possess a smooth, sleek appearance with distinct, visual appeal.

Are bay windows made from specialist materials?

Bay windows can be built from virtually any material, with timber, uPVC and multi-foil the most popular choices among property owners.

While timber is aesthetically pleasing, it requires considerable upkeep, making it inadvisable for homeowners with hectic schedules.

multi-foil windows are comparatively more robust, yet come with a hefty price tag. Given these drawbacks, uPVC is often a better option.

Unlike traditional timber, which is prone to rotting or warping, woodgrain effect uPVC offers the perfect compromise.

Not only is it easier to maintain, it is also more affordable, with negligible costs for maintenance to keep your windows in tip-top condition.

The realistic range of finishes boast the appearance of natural wood, ensuring the windows blend with your backdrop to integrate with the surrounding design.

For elegant, period properties, the rustic charm of these wood grain effects is likely to appeal, helping you upgrade your existing windows without compromising the character of your home.

Are uPVC bay windows really worth the additional expense?

If you`re aiming to replace one window, then a basic casement replacement will do.

However, if you`re looking to upgrade your glazing, and boost the resale value while you`re at it, uPVC bay windows will help you achieve both aims simultaneously.

Creating an airy, spacious look, uPVC bay windows suit both Victorian era properties, and more modern, minimalist buildings that exhibit a simple, pared down design scheme.

Although the light is a definite lure, additions, such as blinds and canopies, can further complete the look, while providing shade and privacy where required on hot, Summer days.

What can uPVC bay windows offer my home?

While glazing upgrades add style and finesse, uPVC bay windows are in an aesthetic league of their own, making them a smart, standalone feature for practically any home.

Alongside the aesthetic benefits, uPVC bay windows offer a range of additional perks, including:


Whether you`re seeking to sell your home, or simply reduce your bills, energy efficiency matters.

Using the latest glazing technology, uPVC bay windows protect your property from heat loss, with their low u-value profiles slowing the rate of thermal transfer.


Noisy neighbours driving you to distraction?

Upvc bay windows reduce airborne sound transmission, helping you preserve the peace in your home.


The "weeping windows" phenomenon is a ubiquitous sight in ol`blighty, making for unsightly, streaming windows that obscure views of outside.

Featuring multiple panes of glass, uPVC bay windows provide a barrier against hot and cold air, preventing condensation from forming within.


Relatively easy to install, uPVC bay windows can be fitted in less than a day, reducing disruption to existing routines.


As a highly durable material, uPVC bay windows require negligible maintenance-a simple wipe clean every few months is sufficient to keep your windows suitably sparkling!

Desperate to upgrade your home and leverage its resale potential? Simply call 0800 1700 636 to discuss your requirements today!

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