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uPVC Patio Doors Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire

 uPVC Patio Doors Bournemouth Dorset and Hampshire

Seeking an accessible option for your entranceway? Upvc patio doors Bournemouth services provide a sleek, sophisticated solution for transitioning between two rooms.

Their ultra-low threshold designs make them suitable for wheelchair users, eradicating barriers to access posed by traditional thresholds.

As they run on a sliding rail, issues with swinging hinges are eliminated from the outset, affording a notably larger aperture.

Additionally, this wider opening enables you to move objects between two rooms, without the doorframe impeding your progress!

From enhanced maneuverability, to working with limited space, we explore the options on offer, their corresponding benefits and drawbacks, and the questions you should be asking to make the right decision for your home...

How do the Different uPVC Patio Door Types Compare?

Generally speaking, uPVC patio doors come in three main styles: Sliding, French, and Bi-folds.

While each style can be adapted to your home, and chosen specifications, the size and shape of your interior will definitely influence your decision.

Let`s take a closer look at the options to provide some points for comparison...


Featuring three overlapping panels, sliding patio doors offer maximum opening leverage, with their smooth and streamlined design minimising logistical challenges.

As they slide sideways on a rail, they fare well in the stormiest of weather, remaining firmly fixed in place. Their sheer flexibility enables you to ventilate the internal space, with the door opening in increments. 

Given their expansive, three-panel design, sliding patio doors offer unrivalled views of your garden, enabling you to enjoy your cosy abode, while appreciating the beauty of nature.

However, this large and luxurious design does come at a premium, with these highly versatile doors at the upper end of the price scale.


If space is at a premium, French patio doors can easily accommodate your requirements. Comprising two, double glazed panels, these doors can open simultaneously, or singly if desired.

Simple glazing options are typically preferred by homeowners, encouraging light to filter through. However, if you`re after a statement style, Georgian bars can also be fitted to complement your home`s exterior.

The only minor niggle with this door type is their restricted opening capacity, which can obstruct the surrounding view.


A relative newcomer to the glazing scene, bi-fold patio doors are gradually gaining ground. With their charming concertina design, they can section up areas of the space without the need for a permanent build.

Needless to say, prices can be prohibitive-if you decide to opt for this option, consider glazing a few extra windows to get a whole-house discount for your home.

How Can I Choose a Reputable Patio Doors Supplier?

Prior to pressing ahead, it is crucial to get an estimate from a wide range of local suppliers.

While tempting to proceed on impulse, settling for the initial estimate is never a good idea-you need to ask around to gain an overview of the going rate, and the work involved in each quote.

Ideally, you should collate several estimates from three suppliers on average, enabling you to compare costs and quotes, and max up your bargaining power in the event of a ridiculous price!

Asking friends, family and neighbours is an obvious starting point. If your neighbours have recently upgraded, soliciting their feedback on the company in question can provide an overview of their standards of service.

After verifying company credentials and consulting online reviews, you may want to think about your use of the interior space, and any personal, lifestyle requirements....


Depending on your property`s requirements, uPVC patio doors can be used as a primary access point, or a supporting side entrance instead.

If you intend to opt for the former, ease of access and versatility will prove a top priority, enabling you to easily move between rooms without encountering potential obstructions.

In these instances, sliding patio doors offer the largest openings, making them perfect to use for this purpose. Alternatively, you may prefer to use your doors as a gateway to your outside area.

If this applies, bi-fold doors are the ideal compromise, helping you create a secluded area for admiring breathtaking views.


For alfresco loving homeowners, making the most of the Summer months is pretty much a mandatory requirement-and with good reason!

Given our shockingly short Summers, us Brits like to soak up the sun like a solar panel and enjoy our patio areas when the weather is at its best.

If you consider yourself part of this category, bi-fold patio doors will likely appeal,  making the garden and patio area an extension of the interior space!

Create an airy, interior space with uPVC patio doors. For more information on colour combinations, and practical, hardware accessories, simply call 0800 1700 636 to get started today.