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uPVC Porches Near Me: Buyers Guide

upvc porches near me

A smart, uPVC porch creates a favourable first impression, with the range of embellishments on offer helping you customise till your heart`s content! If you find yourself googling for "uPVC porches near me" the range of options to choose from will undoubtedly surprise you at first!

Where space is at a premium, a new uPVC porch provides the perfect compromise, enabling you to extend the available space for a fraction of the cost of a conservatory.

From traditional, rustic brickwork, to easy-clean uPVC, the diversity of materials on offer is truly staggering.

With the above in mind, we guide you through the purchasing process, while providing some actionable tips and suggestions to help your project go as smoothly as possible...

Which Design is Right for My Home?

Given the variety of styles to choose from, selecting the perfect porch for your home requires considerable time and research.

Generally, porches are attached to the front of your home to extend the initial entrance. However, if you have ample garden space, a back porch can be used for storage, enabling you to indulge your passion for gardening, without traipsing mud through your home.

In terms of materials, brick, uPVC, and multi-foil are the typical options on offer.  Let`s drill into the details, and explore their plus points and pitfalls...


Rustic, robust, and resilient, a quality brick porch install blends seamlessly with existing aesthetics, enabling you to successfully extend your frontage.

With a plethora of brick types to choose from, finding an appropriate match is relatively easy to achieve.


Popular with property owners, uPVC porches are a ubiquitous sight in Britain, with their clean, crisp look providing an instant facelift.

As this material is surprisingly affordable, it accommodates more limited budgets without compromising on form or finesse.

OPTION 3: multi-foil:

For ultra-modern abodes, sleek multi-foil framework certainly takes some beating, with a variety of finishes on offer to complete the final look.

Security features, such as steel-reinforced corners, makes them ideal for urban locales to limit unlawful entry.

What Kind of Prices are We Talking?

Ultimately, the price you pay for your porch depends on a variety of different factors, such as size, style, and embellishments.

As a general rule, multi-foil and brick are more expensive, with traditional uPVC significantly more affordable.

Porches tend to start at around 3000 pounds on average, with the price increasing incrementally for more complex projects and designs. 

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Porch?

Prior to pressing ahead, considering planning permission is a must. Although smaller porches are usually exempt, porch constructions on listed buildings tend to require consultations.

In such instances, gaining permission from the local authorities will largely depend on aesthetics; if the porch detracts from the historic exterior, or conflicts with the existing facade, the planning committee may refuse your request.

However, in most cases, planning permission for a porch is usually not required.

Are There any Other Factors I Need to Consider?

Alongside design and materials, choosing a reliable contractor is integral to the success of the job. Separating the cowboys from credible companies is far from an easy task.

With this in mind, here are several key quality indicators that you should check for before proceeding...


As a significant, property investment, knowing exactly what you`re getting from the outset can help you refine your decision.

A reputable, local contractor should provide a detailed quote for the work, with a breakdown of individual prices for product and labour costs.


When it comes to porches, a cursory glance at your home just won`t cut it; as properties are highly unique, a thorough survey and inspection of the area should always be conducted. 


All quality installations should come with a long-term guarantee as standard, attesting to the repute of the work.

If the guarantee is shorter than expected, with dubious details in the small print, you should avoid them like the plague!

Ready to take the next step? With years of expertise between them, they can help you navigate the process, and transform your design ideas into a tangible reality for your home!

If you need further advice or are seeking design inspiration, our team of glazing experts can point you in the right direction. Simply call 0800 1700 636 to get started today!

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