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uPVC Sash Windows Benefits: 5 Top Talking Points

sash windows benefits

Effortlessly elegant, uPVC sash windows are prevalent in period properties, remaining a stylish feature of homes dating from the Georgian and Victorian eras. Although window technology has since upgraded, the range of uPVC sash windows benefits makes them a perennially popular option. 

The design itself comprises several, thick glazed panels incorporated into a robust, resilient frame.

A highly versatile style, uPVC sash windows can be opened both vertically and horizontally, with the "sashes" adjusted accordingly.

For this particular configuration, one sash is placed in front of the other, enabling them to seamlessly slide when required. This enables air to circulate freely while keeping the room at an ambient temperature.

How Many Varieties of Sash Windows are Available?

While sash windows are typically simple, and feature a distinct, two-panel design, there are countless configurations to choose from.

During the Victorian era, the typical, two-pane sash predominated. In the Georgian period, the six-panel design proved particularly popular, with the glazing segregated into six main sections to create an intricate, window design.

Unfortunately, the wood materials used at this time required ongoing maintenance and repair work, with the frames prone to rotting.

Thankfully, wood-grain effect uPVC can be used instead today, helping sash windows retain their allure, regardless of inclement weather.

What are the Typical Features of Sash Windows?

Luxuriant and lavish, sash windows typify the Victorian era, where ornate designs and embellishments were seen as the ultimate status symbol.

To strengthen the heavy frames, sash horns were incorporated into the windows, providing additional support to the frontage.

Contemporary, modern equivalents retain these typical features, with timber effect uPVC replacing traditional wood.

What are the Main Benefits of Having uPVC Sash Windows Installed?

From increasing the value of your home to decreasing noise pollution, uPVC sash windows offer a myriad of benefits to homeowners.

An impressively adaptable style, uPVC sash windows can be installed in any room, enabling you to enhance your exterior facade, without compromising its period charm.

Offering charming, historic intrigue, uPVC sash windows are suitable for a variety of property styles.

Whether you reside in a Georgian townhouse or a Victorian terraced home, the timeless class of this window sets a fabulous first impression.

In addition to their noteworthy aesthetics, uPVC sash windows offer a plethora of plus points, including:


We all live busy lives, making laborious maintenance routines a serious challenge to contend with. In this respect, upvc sash windows provide the perfect alternative.

Not only are they easy to operate, their simple configurations makes them easy to maintain long-term, with a sporadic wipe down and clean up keeping your windows suitably sparkling.

This removes the need for ongoing varnishing and repairwork-not to mention constant repainting!


When it comes to energy efficiency ratings, the thermal performance of your home can make or break its grade. Put simply, the lower the u-value of your home, the better it retains heat inside.

As old properties have high ceilings, and limited insulation to speak off, upgrading to double glazing can keep the chills at bay while driving your bills to an all-time low. 


Noise niggles getting you down? If you live on a busy, main road, or close to a major airport, noise pollution is practically inevitable.

In such cases, reducing airborne sound transmission remains a top priority, helping you achieve  restful sleep, rather than recurrent bouts of insomnia. Thankfully, uPVC sash windows can drown out airborne sounds, stopping noise pollution in its tracks.

Essentially, the layered panes of glass act as a barrier against outdoor sounds, creating a peaceful space to relax in-regardless of the commotion outside!


Although typically white or brown, the framework of sash window styles can reflect your personal tastes, with Chartwell Green and Navy experiencing a resurgence in interest.

Unless opting for intricate patterning, the colour you choose for the frames tends to have little impact on price. If you are seeking to keep things authentic, wood-grain effect uPVC can help you achieve a heritage style that`s in keeping with the existing brickwork.

A flawlessly functional option, uPVC sash windows offer the ultimate aesthetic enhancement. Discover the diversity of designs on offer by simply calling 0800 1700 636.