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uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows: Hampshire & Dorset Services

Tilt and Turn Windows Hampshire & Dorset

Combining flexibility and functionality, uPVC tilt and turn windows facilitate ventilation, enabling you to open the window incrementally, rather than blasting your home with cold air.

Traditionally, windows typically open outwards, offering an "all or nothing" approach to airflow that leaves you at the mercy of the elements.

Conversely, tilt and window styles open inwards instead, enabling you to adjust the size of the aperture in accordance with personal comfort.  

The distinctive, tilting vent is a talking point in itself, enabling you to flood the room with light while admiring the natural environment.

So how exactly do tilt and turn windows work?

When it comes to tilt and turn windows, it`s all about the hinge! This nifty window mechanism works its magic in myriad ways, resulting in an ambient, aerated home that puts security at the top of the agenda.

To achieve this, a simple 180 degrees turn opens the aperture at the top, enabling air to circulate effectively, without overwhelming the interior space.

Alternatively, a 90-degree turn of the handle opens the window to full capacity, enabling you to adjust the tilt accordingly.

At the end of the day, the handle can be levered downward to keep your home safe and secure, returning the window to its original position. 

Are there any drawbacks that I should know about?

Although the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, there are three, key considerations that you should definitely bear in mind.

Firstly, the inward opening function makes placement a top priority. Objects in front of these windows may cause potential obstructions, making it crucial to clear the space before you install these windows.

Secondly, remember that the aperture can open to full capacity. If you have young children, installing these windows at height in their bedroom is inadvisable for obvious reasons.

Lastly, the tilt and turn mechanism itself may be costly to replace if required. However, if installed by a credible contractor, the quality of the product and installation will be guaranteed from the outset.

What advantages can tilt and turn windows offer my home?

Given their highly adaptable style, uPVC tilt and turn windows can be installed in homes of all shapes and sizes.

As such, they provide a versatile window solution that works with the existing space rather than causing complications.  

In addition to their versatility, these windows provide several, primary advantages...


Perhaps the most obvious benefits of this style, uPVC tilt and turn windows provide ample ventilation, without compromising the internal temperature.

The tilt and turn feature offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to adjust the window accordingly depending on personal preference. 


When it comes to cleaning your windows, this tilt and turn mechanism comes in handy!  

As this window type is fully adjustable, you can clean both sides of the glass without even contorting your body. Result! 


For properties old and new, energy ratings matter, making an adequately insulated home a top priority for upgrades.

With tilt and turn windows, you can benefit from impressively tight air seals that keep heat locked inside.

Water leaks from broken cills are also less prevalent with these windows, enabling you to keep draughts at bay.


If installed correctly, uPVC tilt and turn windows prevent mistaken slips or falls; as the window opens incrementally, you can ventilate your property`s interior, without leaving the window wide open.

In the event of a fire, these windows support a hasty exit, enabling you to fully open the aperture to guide your family to safety.


In Britain, space generally comes at a premium, making it challenging to upgrade the interior without reducing the available space. In this respect, uPVC tilt and turn windows offer an ingenious solution.

Thanks to their multi-purpose tilt and turn feature, you can ventilate constricted spaces incrementally, preventing the liabilities of a larger aperture.

With a wide range of styles on offer, uPVC tilt and turn windows offer a flexible, functional solution to stuffy, draught-prone homes.

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