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uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows

upvc vertical sliding windows

Choosing the right windows for your home is a big decision that should never be taken lightly. At first glance, the range of styles on offer is truly staggering; colours, hardware, and accessories must also be considered in light of your personal budget. But what about uPVC vertical sliding windows? 

While casement windows are highly affordable, the majority of property owners today tend to desire more complex designs.

One particularly popular style is the vertical sliding window design.

Boasting the eye-catching aesthetic of sashes, vertical sliding windows are also surprisingly versatile, enabling you to customise the surrounding framework with a variety of heritage embellishments.

So what else does this distinctive window have to offer your home? It`s time to find out...

Diverse Range of Detailing Options

Your windows speak volumes about your home...and what to expect within.

Creating the right impression is paramount for perspective buyers-if your windows are looking lifeless, with visible signs of wear, even the grandest home may struggle to sell on the market.

Providing an instant, visual draw, vertical sliding sash windows can be customised as desired.

Featuring a range of detailing options, these ornate, heritage windows blend seamlessly with the existing aesthetic while guiding the eye inside.

Whether you seek sash horns for the framework, or elegant, gilded edges, this versatile window style can reflect your personal preferences.

Easy to Maintain Vertical Sliding Windows Long-Term

Cleaning and maintaining your windows can be something of a chore long-term. There`s the repair work, the painting, the intensive cleaning routines...or is there?

Among the available options, vertical sliding windows are relatively easy to maintain, requiring little more than a wipe down to retain their initial allure.

A delightfully durable material, uPVC cuts down maintenance requirements, leaving you with a flawlessly functional window for minimal upkeep and effort.

What`s more, unlike traditional wood, which can fade and flake over time, uPVC keeps its colour long-term, preventing unsightly signs of fading.

As a general rule, you should wash your windows on a quarterly basis to loosen dirt and debris and prevent it from becoming encrusted.

Child-Friendly Window Hardware

If you`ve got a young family, or grandchildren that come to visit, you want a comfortable home that puts safety at the top of the agenda.

Vulnerable under-fives are at increased risk of falling-with their curious, inquisitive natures leaving them susceptible to injuring themselves.

Thankfully, vertical sliding windows are more than up to the job. Featuring the latest window restrictors, vertical sliding sash windows control the size of the aperture, preventing young children from falling out, or catching their fingers in the opening mechanism.

For homeowners in high-storey buildings, these restrictors are a definite Godsend; ensuring optimal safety is paramount for upper floor windows and reducing the risk of a mishap.

As a general rule, any windows above the ground floor should have restrictors fitted as standard. 

Increase Your EPC Rating the Easy Way

Does your property perform as expected? If your energy bills are alarmingly high, or cold spots appear in your home, it may be a sign that your property is in need of an energy audit.

While other factors may be to blame, poorly performing glazing is usually the "guilty culprit." As a thermally efficient model, vertical sliding sash windows can help you combat the problem, and seal up gaps and cracks where heat loss currently occurs.

In most cases, upgrading to this type of window can increase your energy rating to a solid “A," resulting in a notable reduction to your bills once installed in your home.

Premium Protection From the Elements

For homeowners in exposed areas of the country, the very worst of the elements can take their toll on the exterior.

Over the years, windows gradually become less effective, resulting in damage to the framework and structure.

Robust and resilient, vertical sliding sash windows fare well in inclement weather, ensuring your interior stays warm and secure when storms rage outside. So what`s the secret of their strength?

Specialist, PCE gaskets are incorporated into the framework, creating a superior, airtight seal that prevents water ingress. Although you can`t control the weather, choosing the right type of window helps you control conditions inside.

Desperately seeking a window that matches form and function simultaneously? With vertical sliding sash windows, you can achieve exactly that!

The wide range of embellishments on offer enables you to create something truly unique that complements the tone of your home.

For further advice on installing this window, and options for customisation, simply call 0800 1700 636!