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uPVC Window Designs For Homes

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When it comes to upgrading your home, choosing the right style of window is integral to the success of this project. Today, uPVC window designs for homes can be customised as desired to create a statement window style.

Alongside aesthetics, cost, security, and efficiency must also be factored into decision-making-and with the new energy rating rules, an EPC of more than c is now a mandatory requirement. 

Regardless of your project requirements, considering your home in terms of your lifestyle can help you refine your choices, and suit your specifications. 

Before you proceed, you may wish to consider the following factors:


Your chosen colours and finishes should match your property exterior to complement the overall look. For historic homes, authentic, woodgrain effects will blend seamlessly with the existing backdrop.

For ultra-modern abodes, sleek, sophisticated styles generally prove more appropriate.


From high security locking systems, to complementary blinds and sunshades, there are a variety of accessories on offer to meet the needs of your home.


Seeking a robust and resilient frame that withstands all types of weather? multi-foil is up to the job-although it comes with a hefty price tag! If you want comparable durability for less, uPVC fits the bill.

Given the wide range of finishes available, it`s easy to upgrade the framework without compromising the feel of your home. 


If time is of the essence, simpler styles, such as casement windows, can typically be fitted in less than a day. This makes them ideal for time-pressed homeowners with strict turnaround times.

While less popular among property owners, a supply only window service can save you time and money. In this instance, you simply purchase the windows online, and fit the unit yourself.

However, if you choose to pursue this path, any botched installation attempts will be exempt from a traditional warranty. Unless you are experienced at installation, it`s really not worth the risk.


For homeowners on limited budgets, getting the very best deal for glazing remains a top priority.

If you are seeking a budget-friendly option, uPVC casement windows are the cheapest option on offer, making them ideal for a whole house renovation that requires multiple windows at once.

While styles, such as bay and bow windows, are notably more expensive, 


Whether you`re thinking of selling your home, or simply reducing your bills, making your property more energy-efficient remains a smart place to start.

Repairing leaking cills can reduce draughts and damp, with glazing providing further protection during the long, Winter months.

If your property is particularly exposed, thermal curtains can also be added, providing an additional, draughtproofing measure.

How can I refine my selection?

Once you`ve refined your requirements, and considered the factors above, it`s time to select your styles.

From casement and bow type windows, to sophisticated tilt and turn specimens, the variety of options on offer is truly staggering.

So... where to start? We`ve weighed up the pros and cons of each one to help you clarify your choices...


A popular option with property owners, uPVC casement windows are a highly affordable option, making them ideal for whole home renovations that require multiple windows.

As they come in standardised sizes, prices are typically cheaper than more complex window designs. 


For historic homes, sash windows are a must; this elegant style of window suits Georgian and Edwardian homes.

While slightly more expensive, their authentic, rustic charm blends seamlessly with older exteriors.


If ventilation is a perennial problem, uPVC tilt and turn windows provide the perfect solution, enabling you to adjust your windows accordingly to aerate your personal abode.

As they are relatively easy to clean, they reduce the cost and hassle of arduous maintenance routines. Result!


After a fabulous focal point? uPVC bay windows deliver on several fronts, enabling you to create a distinctive design that welcomes natural light.

With this style, you can use the area under the window to create a comfortable seat to sit on, with additional room for storage.

At the higher end of the price scale, uPVC bay windows should be seen as a savvy investment that increases the resale value of your home.


Similar to bay window designs, bow windows exhibit a rounded, spherical appearance that extends the available space.

By installing these windows, you can create the illusion of extra room, inspiring a favourable first impression!

Whether you`re after an affordable option or seeking to enhance your exterior, our range of uPVC windows feature both historic and modern styles. Simply call 0800 1700 636 to get the ball rolling today!

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