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uPVC Windows Maintenance Guide: Top Tips & Tricks

uPVC windows maintenance guide

Attractive, uPVC frames can lift your exterior facade, resulting in a flawless first impression. But how can you maintain them long-term? Is there a uPVC windows maintenance guide that lists the tricks of the trade?

Thankfully, the answer`s a resounding yes! Here`s several tricks of the trade to keep your windows suitably sparkling...

4 Tips For uPVC windows maintenance guide

Top Tip No. 1: Focus on the Framework

Your framework provides the support and structure for your window-and should be invested in accordingly. As part of your maintenance routine, you should inspect your window frames every quarter.

When you begin this process, make sure to open the aperture as wide as possible. Dirt often builds in the framework, and around the interior chamber.

In most cases, any marks and stains can be solved with soapy water, which dilutes the residue on the frame until it simply fades away.

Top Tip No. 2: Seek Out Some Top Home Remedies

When it comes to stain removal, expensive cleaning products are not always the best solution.

Age-old home remedies for cleaning are still effective today, tackling stubborn stains and dirt for minimal cost and outlay.

Traditional remedies, such as lemon juice and water, can remove encrusted grime, while providing a pleasant aroma and fragrance.

Vinegar and corn-starch solutions can also prove effective, removing a surfeit of dirt and debris in a matter of minutes.

Top Tip No. 3: Engage in Pre-Cleaning Routines

The pre-cleaning stage of the process is as important as the main event. Bird droppings and caked-on grime can stick to the exterior framework, resulting in unsightly stains and residue.

With a plethora of products to choose from, removing these stains from your framework is a relatively straightforward process.

For the most part, mineral-based solutions and vinegar prove largely effective. In the case of the former, you can sponge down the window with the solution to achieve maximum benefit.

If you decide to opt for the latter, you should apply the vinegar to the framework. Let it sit for several minutes, then rinse off with soapy water. 

Top Tip No. 4: Use a Vacuum For Inside Areas

So...you`ve tackled the exterior framework, but what about the interior side? Away from the mercy of the elements, the interior frames of your windows can easily be forgotten.

Yet dust, dirt, and debris can also build up inside, resulting in fading or discolouration that spoils the overall aesthetics.

For the interior framework, a compact, desktop vacuum cleaner can work wonders-it will suck up dust in a matter of minutes.

Inside handles and hinges are also overlooked. When you sponge down handles and hinges, check for signs of rust as well. 

When Professional Help is Needed

Although you can easily clean windows yourself, and take the necessary steps to maintain them, certain scenarios require professional assistance.

If you live in a high storey building, or your windows are difficult to access, an expert window cleaner can tackle the task on your behalf.

The benefit of enlisting the experts is that they have access to specialist equipment and stepladders. This allows them to reach awkward places and clean all nooks and crannies.

What If My Windows are Faded and Warping As Well?

If your windows are looking bedraggled, and in a state of disarray, it may be time to replace them. While cleaning can certainly help, structural or functional issues are harder to fix and repair.

Any signs of faded or warping should sound alarm bells, as it points to flaws in the framework. Traditional, wooden frames are notorious in this respect, with the full force of the elements leaving them prone to rotting and flaking.  

Most local tradesmen will be more than happy to check them, and offer their expert opinion on affordable ways to resolve them. 

Seeking additional advice to prolong the life of your windows?

You've definitely come to the right place! With over 25 years of experience between us, we`ve seen our fair share of windows, and know a few tricks of the trade that keep your windows dazzling.

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