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Wall Insulation Birmingham

wall insulation birmingham

Welcome to the wonderfully vibrant and multicultural city of Birmingham. Of course, if you’re reading this, the chances are you’re from the area, and you are already well acquainted with the place. But are you aware of the wall insulation Birmingham based services operating in your region?

If not, then we’d like to introduce you to our trained, experienced and skilled team of insulation management specialists. Why is it important for you to meet us?

Because we could potentially save you hundreds of pounds every year on your gas and/or electricity costs.

There are over 1 million people living within the city’s borders, making it the 3rd most densely populated area in the UK. Unfortunately, many Birmingham-based properties suffer from inadequate levels of insulation all round.

Up to 25% of your internal heat alone could be lost through your surrounding walls – with another 25% escaping through the roof.

With this in mind, it is incredibly important that you consider the application of an effective external wall insulation product, and learn how it can help weatherproof your home against inclement conditions.

Home Logic Wall Insulation

Here we make use of our very own Home Logic Wall Insulation for all of our external wall application projects. Once applied, this product creates an invisible barrier within your brickwork, which can penetrate as far as 17mm into the substrate.

The chemical reaction bonds securely to your wall surface, meaning rainwater simply bounces off, and runs down to the ground.

In addition to this, Home Logic Wall Insulation also protects your property’s façade from microbial spores, mould, dirt and debris.

The product is also tested, certified and totally safe to use (EN ISO 15148:2002). This provides complete peace of mind that the product you have purchased is of premium quality, and effective in all types of weather.

You can use it on brick, mortar, sandstone, concrete, and many other porous materials.

wall insulation birmingham

Up to 25% of your internal heat alone could be lost through your surrounding walls – with another 25% escaping through the roof

How Can We Benefit Birmingham?

Here’s a small snapshot of the wide range of benefits you can obtain via a wall insulation Birmingham based service:

  • Radically reduce heat loss through your walls
  • Prevent frost damage during cold temperatures
  • Refreshed, clean and spotless outside image
  • Adequate levels of ventilation
  • Self-cleaning properties require little maintenance
  • Minimise the growth of microbial spores
  • Resistant to mould build-up

wall insulation birmingham


How Does Wall Insulation Work?

If the pores of your wall are allowed to collect moisture, it is easier for heat to be transmitted, than it would be if the pores were filled with dry air.

Because of this, thermal conductivity of a wall diminishes considerably with the presence of damp.

Damp content up to a mere 5% in a plain brick wall can decrease the insulation performance by over 50%.

This is a huge difference considering it is just a small percentage of damp content. This becomes even more pronounced if cavity wall insulation is installed – because this creates a natural bridge for heat to travel across.

We apply our Home Logic Wall Insulation to the brickwork of your home, so that the pores of your walls are unable to collect moisture.

We usually spray the chemical substance onto the area of application using a series of high-spec hoses and machinery. This leaves your masonry dry, allowing it to become a better thermal insulator.

Your Wall Insulation Birmingham Based Service

We can provide a free no-obligation quote at your request. We’ll provide this after visiting your site to gain an accurate idea of project scale, time and budget.

For more information, please call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below. If you leave us a message, we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for your time Birmingham!

Weatherproof your exterior brickwork with the help of Home Logic External Wall Coatings! Discover more of the brilliant benefits of this revolutionary product.