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Wall Insulation Canterbury

spray foam wall insulation canterbury

Canterbury is a cathedral city, based in the south-east region of England. The area was once a pilgrimage site, way back in the Middle Ages, before any of us were born.

Because of this, Canterbury is full of ancient ruins and sites of natural interest. The city has everything from St Augustine’s Abbey to Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Castle and so much more!

Roman built ancient walls also encircle the city centre, lined with cobbled streets and timber-framed buildings. A lot of residential properties in the area can also be dated back many years ago.

For this reason, a wall insulation Canterbury based services becomes incredibly important.

An older property is more susceptible to heat loss, and could therefore be costing you hundreds of pounds every single year in heating bills. Internal insulation for your loft will help to prevent this heat loss, but external wall insulation will ensure your property also remains completely dry.

Home Logic Wall Insulation

Home Logic Wall Insulation is our product of choice here at Home Logic. We choose this product because we believe it is the best at what it does.

An invisible barrier of protection penetrates up to 17mm deep into your brickwork, manifesting a dense and effective blockade against water, dirt and contaminants.

This chemical mixture will bond securely to the surface of your exterior walls, so rainwater simply bounces off and washes away. It also combats microbial spores and the potential for mould growth.

We use nothing but premium quality products and materials here at Home Logic. This means we ensure each and every one of them are tested to stringent industry standards.

Home Logic Wall Insulation has EN ISO 15148:2002 certification for complete peace of mind, and effective performance. Your home will be completely protected for up to 20 years guaranteed!

spray foam wall insulation canterbury

Tell us How it all Works!

This special mixture and material is applied to your exterior, via the use of a spray hose, or the humble paintbrush. When it sinks into place, the product reduces water absorption by more than 95%.

This leaves your masonry dry, allowing it to become a better thermal insulator. But how does this work? What makes a dry wall a better insulator than a wet wall? Well that has everything to do with the way heat travels.

Heat tends to travel towards colder spaces. This is the reason why heat escapes from your home in the first place, the warmth is seeking the cold air outside.

If you have a damp wall surface, heat will pass through it much more effectively than if it was dry. This is just the simple laws of physics!

If your masonry is absolutely drenched, heat can travel through your brick, concrete or mortar material very quickly. Home Logic Wall Insulation will ensure your walls remain dry, reducing water absorption by more than 95%, and therefore limiting the amount of heat lost from your home.

spray foam wall insulation canterbury

The Benefits of External Wall Insulation

Below you’ll see just a small number of the many benefits a wall insulation Canterbury based service can provide:

  • Keeps your brickwork drier with 95% less water absorption
  • Can be used on both cavity walls and solid walls
  • Preserves and protects your original masonry appearance and texture
  • Prevents frost damage during the Winter
  • Your exterior will have a clean and refreshed image
  • Effectively resists biological hazards and mould
  • Effectively reduces growth of microbial spores

Choose Your Wall Insulation Canterbury Service

Call us on 0800 1700 636 for some general advice, or more details on our wall insulation Canterbury service.

You can also email us – just fly a message over to survey@homelogic.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we see it!