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Wall Insulation Cardiff

wall insulation cardiff

Looking for a team of wall insulation Cardiff located specialists? Look no further than the tried and tested team right here at Home Logic!

We love working in Cardiff because your city is full of such lovely and friendly people!

That’s why it is an absolute pleasure being able to save people money in the local area.

How do we do this? By helping people to keep their homes properly insulated and less reliant on central heating systems to keep warm.

Our expert and experienced team of insulation geeks will help to identify any problems you may be experiencing in your current set-up, and then suggest a solution to make your home more energy efficient, and weatherproofed to boot.

We use only the very best products here, including our external wall insulation product. You can find out more on this product below, but first let’s take a look at how the method of wall insulation works…

How Does External Wall Insulation Work?

External wall insulation involves the practice of applying a special material to the exterior walls of your home. This can either be sprayed, or painted, directly onto the brickwork.

The main purpose of this material is to prevent water absorption. The product settles into the masonry, and provides an impenetrable barrier against water and moisture. But how does this help to keep your home insulated?

A wet wall is over 50% more susceptible to heat loss when compared to a dry wall, even if the wall has just 5% damp content!

This is because heat travels much faster and much more efficiently across wet surfaces than it does dry ones; which is especially true when it comes to poor insulating materials, such as concrete and brickwork.

Wall insulation aims prevents damp content from entering your substrate, and therefore maintains good insulating quality throughout your walls.


Benefits of Exterior Wall Insulation

Here are just a few examples of the many benefits a wall insulation Cardiff based service can provide:

  • Keeps your masonry completely dry
  • Cavity wall insulation properties are maintained
  • Preserves the original masonry finish
  • Maintains a clean and aesthetically pleasing façade
  • Your property is air-tight, but still able to breathe
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Product provides protection for over 20 years


You’re in Safe Hands with Home Logic Wall Insulation

Here we use the wonderfully effective and fantastic Home Logic Wall Insulation. This product insulates brickwork and porous building materials, with a barrier that penetrates up to 17mm deep.

It chemically bonds to the surface for ultimate protection, deterring water absorption and debris from latching on to the brickwork.

When installed, Home Logic Wall Insulation reduces water absorption by over 95%, and comes with a 20-year product guarantee.

The product has been tested and certified to high industry standards (EN ISO 15148:2002) and is able to demonstrate perfect hydrothermal performance on concrete, brick, mortar and sandstone.

It has been developed using the latest nanotechnology, which provides the chemical reaction that takes place within the mineral groups to actively bond the product to the surface. This will protect it from rain, dirt, algae, oil, debris, dust and many other pollutants.