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Wall Insulation Hamilton

spray foam wall insulation hamilton

Are you thinking about insulating the external walls of your Hamilton based property? Are you on the lookout for a professional wall insulation service in Hamilton?  Call off the search now because you’ve found one!

The team here at Home Logic are more than happy to be of service – simply let us know how we can help! Working in Hamilton is always a pleasure, as the community is full of interesting characters and fascinating structures.

We also love being able to save people money in the area, providing a significant cut in their energy bills.

We do this by keeping their homes properly insulated so that they remain at a consistent temperature, all year round. We use only the very best products here, such as our very own Home Logic Wall Insulation.

Continue on reading below to find out more about this product, and to discover the vast range of benefits it provides…

How Does This Product Work?

We’ll send a team of expert insulation specialists to your home in Hamilton. They will apply a special material to the exterior walls of your property. This can be done in one of two ways – either with a paintbrush, or a series of hoses.

The purpose of this technique is to keep your brickwork completely dry.

Preventing water absorption effectively reduces the amount of heat lost from your home, and helps to maintain a consistent temperature, all year round.

The reason this happens is simple. Warm air is attracted to cold air and damp spaces. So if your wall is wet-through, it can be over 50% more susceptible to heat transmission, when likened to a dry wall.

Concrete and brick materials simply do not insulate very well, so if it is raining heavily outside, your wet walls will potentially cost you hundreds of pounds in energy bills.

A layer of Home Logic’s external wall insulation will stop this, and provide a more comfortable environment for you to live in.

spray foam wall insulation hamilton

Benefits of Home Logic Wall Insulation

Below you’ll see just a small snapshot of the benefits a wall insulation Hamilton service can provide:

  • Prevent frost damage in the winter months
  • Resistance to frost damage ensures your plumbing remains in working order
  • A clean and attractive façade
  • Allows your property to breathe and ventilate
  • Self-cleaning properties keep the surface clean
  • Reduces the growth of microbial spores
  • Twenty-year life cycle

spray foam wall insulation hamilton

Home Logic Wall Insulation

Home Logic Wall Insulation creates an invisible barrier of protection that sinks up to 17mm deep into your outside masonry. This dense barrier repels moisture, dirt and debris.

Once the chemical mixture bonds securely in place, rainwater will simply bounce off the surface, and wash away to the ground.

This product has been developed using cutting-edge nanotechnology, that allows it to perform perfectly on brick, sandstone, mortar and concrete surfaces.

It is also tested and certified to EN ISO 15148:2002 standards – providing complete peace of mind when it comes to the quality of your product. What’s more, you can enjoy the benefits for up to 20 years!

Home Logic – Wall Insulation Hamilton

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