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Wall Insulation Kent

spray foam insulation kent

Kent is a county famous for its breath-taking views, and idyllic countryside retreats. The region is spoilt rotten in terms of beautiful scenery and famous landmarks. The White Cliffs of Dover quite clearly speak for themselves!

You can contribute towards this aura of exterior aesthetic excellence, by ensuring your property remains visually appealing, rather than acting as an eye-sore!

How can you achieve this? By hiring the services of an external wall insulation Kent based team of experienced specialists.

An application of wall insulation will not only prevent heat loss from your home, it will also provide a fresh and attractive look to your façade. The protective qualities of the materials applied will repel dust, dirt and debris so your property maintains this refreshed image for years to come.

Here at Home Logic, we use the very best external wall insulation product available on the market, but more about that later. First, read on to discover how this method actually works.

This is How External Insulation Works

So how does an external wall insulation Kent based service operate? A special mixture of chemicals and materials is applied to the outside walls of your home. The mixture is either painted on to your walls or sprayed on using a series of high-spec hoses.

When dried and set in place, the resulting barrier provides effective protection against water absorption and contaminants. This effectively leaves your masonry bone dry, which helps to keep a property insulated all year round. But how?

If you have a damp wall, it is almost twice as likely to allow heat to pass through to the outside. This is true even if your brick wall has only 5% wet content.

See, heat travels remarkably well through wet and cold materials. This is the law of science, where heat is always drawn to something colder.

Bricks and concrete are both notoriously bad insulators, and, consequently, heat can pass through them as if they weren’t even there, especially if they are soaked on the outside!

External wall insulation prevents this damp content from entering your masonry in the first instance, so it remains bone dry all year round.

spray foam Wall Insulation Kent

The Method’s Wonderful Benefits

There are many benefits to an external wall insulation Kent based service, some of which we have detailed below:

  • Brickwork is protected throughout the seasons
  • Both cavity walls and solid walls reap the same benefits
  • Maintain your original exterior finish
  • No planning permission required
  • Keep your home at a consistent temperature
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Lower your personal carbon footprint


dspray foam Wall Insulation Kent

Home Logic – Wall Insulation Kent

Home Logic Wall Insulation is our product of choice because we believe it insulates your masonry like no other. The invisible barrier penetrates up to 17mm deep into the brickwork – creating a thick and effective blockade against moisture and debris.

The chemical mixture bonds securely to the surface, allowing rainwater to simply bounce off down to the ground. The product also prevents microbial spores and mould from growing on the outside of your property.

The product has been developed using the latest nanotechnology and can demonstrate perfect hydrothermal performance on brick, mortar, concrete and sandstone.

It is tested and certified to EN ISO 15148:2002 standards so you can rest assured the product is of premium quality. Your home will be completely protected from rainfall, dust, debris, oil, algae and other biological hazards – for up to 20 years or more!

External roof & wall coatings are a wise investment for many properties in Kent and indeed throughout the rest of the UK. To see if this is something you can benefit from yourself, why not book a free site survey today?